Home. What is it in home that makes us feel cocooned and safe? Often now than ever, I find myself flipping pages of brochures in my free time shuffling through projects, homes, properties and real estates as if I were getting paid for it. Clearly in the pursuit of better living!

A few have brought to my notice lately that I’ve become a “spoil sport”. That I never turn up to parties and they are planning an intervention. Haha, well, party is a far cry. Thinking of it, at this very point, I could immerse myself into so many different things; so many difficult problems of the world. But I choose to ponder on homes instead. What shallowness is this, you ask? In apparent vision, this might seem to be so but can I tell you that it’s not. I have every reason to believe that happiness like charity begins at home, and good design coupled with good environment does affect you.

But What Is Good Home Design? How Can One Differentiate?

“Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment”. Some of the greatest designs are not one which tries to achieve something out of the run but one that tries to achieve nothing but the effect of “design dissolving in behavior.” Good design is not one which what makes people think. It is design that people seldom think about when they are using it. It should be so intuitive that it changes to behavior, quickly. Design should be such that does not feel like an add on but feels like a part of life. That alone makes the relationship between design and users more cohesive.

Take a dedicated tunnel to get to your home for example. Imagine yourself stepping off the highway and entering a tunnel that stops right at your building. Will you specifically notice it because of its design? No. But will you always use it even if you had another way through the market area? Yes. Will you remember it as the best part about your entrance? Yes. Will this become a landmark? yes! This entry becomes a part of your everyday life and you use it without thinking. That’s great design.

We chanced upon #CentralParkResorts while looking up for home and properties, and its entry tunnel instantly made us think. No, it did not look to us like an arrogant preview of the shiny resident lists in there {I’ve heard it flaunts multi nationality lifestyle connoisseurs with over 120 expats} but instead gave us a wonderful example of what great design can be. And there are multiple areas that ticked the good design criteria.

We loved the fact that it had a fully air-conditioned pet hotel that’s made to keep your pets safe. Not that your dog needs an AC all the time but some do. And thanks to us chopping trees down that breeds with fur need a bit of cooling which traditional pet hostels cannot provide. Oh, and coming to “chopping trees” I’d like you to notice the 35 acre green that surrounds a 50 acre residential area. Which means there is a lot more green per square foot there than rest of NCR I suppose. A recent study I saw in TED Talks talked about the importance of plants. That 8 waist high “mother in law’s tongue” plants can generate enough oxygen in your room for you to not open your windows- EVER. Now imagine 35 acres of green. Lovely to see how the basic necessities have been raised from just food, clothing and shelter.

To control pollution, there is also a zero on ground vehicle complex which translates to less noise and air pollution and better quality of life. Isn’t this the perfect place to build your nest?

But you know what? Unless I see interiors I won’t deem a property fabulous. That’s what I dig more than anything else and a shabby home in a beautiful surrounding is just like a bad cake in a lovely plate. But thankfully, I loved how Central Park fused warmth of living with luxury spaces in a beautiful cocktail that reminds me of the word “Hygge”. Pronounced as “Hooga” Hygge refers to a feeling of comfort and contentment that comes from life’s little things. And we found it wonderful to see how sweet little things like the concern for pollution, pets and ease of life in general have taken priority over height or neon boards, let alone beautifully designed penthouses, villas and apartments that makes one feel good to come home to.

Awarded “Asia’s Best Residential Living Spaces” Central park flaunts 4 major properties over 5.5 million sq ft- all of which exhibits the builder’s own philosophy that living has to go beyond the four walls and luxury should be more than just convenience.

Cheers to choosing life over square feet.

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