That empty place is gonna get filled! I just wanted to show you the base!

Good day! How’s the decor bug biting you? What say you? Biting you mad? I know. It’s bitten me to such a state of Frenzy that I’m almost a step behind fainting. I planned everything beforehand, don’t get me wrong. But somehow the process of decking up has rendered my home far from looking perfect at the moment. I am returning home to a pile of trash, unending to do lists, dumped with fabric corners and I swear last night the refrigerator door told me, “Stop banging those disgusting post its on my door lady. A fridge has feeling”.

No matter what I do, an addition or subtraction is always popping up and Im losing my track: count coffee overdose. Seriously, how much can you do in a weekend and 3 hours each week day? This is year end, so work load is increasing. Plus friends have already booked my weekends- next Sunday we are baking pastries from Cordon Bleu (just so you might know- yay!) and I’m hopelessly sitting everyday in the middle of my living room, achieving only 20% of what I intend to. Plus, new pinterest lovelies flowing in and confusing me even more every day. Lol, save me.

Nonetheless, amidst all this, I completed one craft properly; a coaster that I wanted to make after seeing a huge serving made of wood slices in my sister’s house. To my surprise, it was not only easy but I kind of got done with it in only about an hour. You see, I dont have a wood slicing tool so I asked the nearest wood-guy to cut me about 10 slices from a stick that I collected on my way to work. While going to work, I dropped it and while coming back, I picked it up. He only charged me half a $. Because I was hell bent on giving him something. But apart from that, I spent nothing. The base comes from a shelf that we got cut.

After getting them home, I gave it a rough sanding and then rubbed on some clear wood wax on it. After the wax dried, I simply glued them to the base. No brainer at all. The following day, I asked the guy to cut off the sides of the slices that were sticking out from the base. He just ran his electronic wood cutting blade through all the four sides and rubbed some wood wax on it. This time he charged me nothing! God bless the old man.

Well, I dont know how much my sister paid for it, she spends a lot on these things, but I have paid Nada. Nill. Zero and Shunya for this little thing of joy. All from the lap of nature.

Hope you’ll liked it and have a great weekend!

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17 thoughts on “DIY: Rustic Wood Slice Coasters”

    1. Oh Wendy. You really think? Thank you so much. You have been such a good friend to me…not to mention, I am so inspired by your projects. Means a lot.
      Do make them. And of course, let me know. I would love to see. Yay!!

  1. Holiday decorating has me going off on unrelated tangents too! I have a yard full of sticks but need to find a “woodcutter” person. I’m pinning this one on Pinterest!

    1. Oh Maureen. I know what you mean. And such an honor. Thanks for pinning it.

      You know, you can also slice it with a hack-saw. But it would take a lot of time.

  2. they are sooooooo coool, roy. stop it with the ryan reynolds tho. there is no crying in DIY, didn’t you read the handbook?

    FREEEEEEEEEEE. as a bird. as a plane (wait. that aint right). as a rustic wood slce coaster designed by mizz fabulous!



  3. wow !! This is just awesome ! I just so want to do this !!
    We have a jigsaw lying …so might give this a shot ! I just need to find a good branch ! yay !

    thanks so much for sharing did such a wonderful job !

  4. a “dry” branch .. that will be tough. lol Its been raining non-stop since a month here in Sydney. Yep. In the middle of summer. It is 10 degrees instead of 40 !

    but seriously… this project now is on the top of my must-dos

    1. Haha… Well, then try finding a wet mature thick branch. Or just walk into any wood shop and buy a branch. A good wood is worth keeping. I said dry because often branches of that girth are green and soggy inside if torn from a tree. You know Xylem and Phloem right? Lol.

  5. These are great! I would have never guessed that you made them. This one is a keeper Rukmini! I think there’s a market.

  6. So cool, love the rustic/natural look of them. Glad you found the branch on your way back home. Glad you ran into someone who didn’t want to charge you? This pretty cool in itself. A table would be ultra cool! Go for it! Thanks for joining in on Sunday’s Best and sharing your creativity.

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