A discarded bouquet frame that R’s sister gave me off her wedding giveaways.

This has been a productive weekend by far. I finally got around making my wreath, making the clay coastal ornaments for my tree, clearing the hall, putting garlands to the tree (We use a fake but very real looking evergreen. Why? Because Evergreens wont last a day in this hot and humid place, count the little nasties, unless you’d want to have an Adam’s family Christmas) and bringing out the Christmas specials. I also got around making some grilled carp, curried chicken and Bruschetta! Yes, it has been a good, productive weekend with no sitting on Trash and wondering why the ideas aren’t working. I dread those days. Anyway, back to clay lovely.

Those of you who know Sarah from abeachcottage, I’m sure you’ve seen these in their real form. She is a coastal princess, a beautiful blogger, a Nuffnang Asia nominee (Under the category: Hidden Gems- head over to vote for her) and her blog is where you head to when you need some rock solid inspiration. I heart her blog and her house and one occasion also, oh-so-shamelessly invited myself over to hers if I ever am in Australia.

With the otherwise Rustic decor, I thought a little coastal touch won’t be bad to accentuate it. So, off I went to Hobbyideas and picked up some white air drying clay. And instead of cutting them with cookie cutters and stamping them, which is also the perfect way to do it and is of course advisable if you are not someone like me, I hand shaped all of it; I think I started liking everything imperfect due to two reason: 1. Too perfect anything looks to me like its factory made. 2. People think they are cool. You know, when I first started making stuff, I used to crib about the fact that it’s not perfect. But on many occasions when people loved what they saw in my home and even picked it up, telling me that they look wonderful, I re-considered the blame that I so severely used to put upon my impatience. And now, I love everything that is not perfect. I find a charm in things that are not too fine. They are more palatable to this rustic-carefree chic. In fact, these days, people actually tell me that they saw something really nice and thought of picking up for me but it was not me. So, finally, through my spontaneous imperfections I have successfully created a perfectly imperfect image of myself. Which is great. One should have a personality than merely aping the neighbor’s perfect home. What say ladies?

Darlitty Dang: Look at that cup out there. Wanna know who did this thrifting? The man!!! Found 6 for 3$. Ain’t that perfect?

I love air dry clay. No filthy baking smell at all. Regardless, half of them went to a cane wood weaved wreath frame and half yet to be incorporated as part of the Christmas centerpiece- coming up next 🙂 On top of an antique grain sack runner with red stripes! Think that would look lovely?

Have a beautiful and cheerful week ahead.


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18 thoughts on “Coastal Clay ornaments for Christmas”

  1. These are so cool! I have been wanting to do something like this for a while. I might have to try my hand at these after the holidays.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my kitchen. The mess on my counter is a candle and cord and a bunch of pencils. It looks turquoise in the photos but it is cream but now I am thinking about turquoise candles for after the holidays!! Thanks. 🙂

    1. I am glad you like them Michelle. They are so much fun to do. No rules, no nothing. Do give it a try. It’s fun.

      Oh and that is not turquoise? Lol. I totally thought they were…and they were looking great. Yes Michelle, how about turquoise and lime with touches of grey after the holidays? Would look beautiful in your setting 🙂 Love your kitchen.

    1. Can you see the faintest blush on my cheek? You make me feel so special Michele. Ya, stars are my fav too. I’m loving me some star lovely 🙂

    1. Thank you Kristin. Your home totally do to mine and now your sweet comment is. 🙂
      I love your mantels and the warmth your home exudes. Takes me back to that special place.

  2. Awesome decor! Hey Adam’s family christmas comment was hilarious. You are so creative and have good sense of humour too. Love to read your blog. Happy making 🙂

    1. Thank you Shivani. Lol…yeah…it started with nasties on a branch. You are actually too generous. I’m more of a fluffer than a creative girl I think. 😀

    1. Haha. Oh Maureen, I can completely relate to your condition. There are so many things I wanted to do myself but time’s gone like it were a butterfly.

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