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I know this is the wrong time to do a deep post when hot chocolate gets preference over tea and real paves way for dreamy, but I really wanted to talk about these branches that have quite taken the designers by fancy. Manzanita branches are in fashion and I am wondering whether it’s here to stay.

You know, of course barring some ideas that are surprisingly original, I’m a copy cat chic. I am hooked to blogs 24-7 and have been called names and adjectives for doing so. But it doesn’t matter to moi. I am a complete sucker for fresh inspiration and DIY crafts that involves minimum expenditure. Hence, on one of those blog-looking-marathon when I saw these apparently very “in” Manzanita Branches and the fact that they are being sold at some exorbitant prices, worldwide, my brain pondered upon the most probable question: “Is it worth $349?”. The lowest is $48!


Well, what exactly are we paying $349 for? A reddish brown shrub, devoid of its leaves and dressed according to occasion. Aren’t those our dry neighbourhood branches that the sweeper often throws away? Whoa. It’s only the looks. There is no other significance of the so hyped branch unless it has some medicinal properties that Im not aware of.

The next probable question. If I’m to invest 349$ at all in a branch, would it be useful to me? Herein comes the question: is it a classic or a fad! Well, personally I do think a great looking branch is a classic. It can really never go out of place. If you have that kind of money to splurge on a branch, I’d say go ahead.

The Tru Suggestion

Here comes the self proclaimed manzanita Tree reviewer’s final verdict. Pick up one of those as your centerpiece but before hitting a fancy store, take a walk through the wild side, would ya? Stroll around in the woods and you are most likely to find a tree absolutely free. Like I did.

They are worth the show, but about the money I would like to be zipped. They are classics yes and not fad at all. Dress them rustic or coastal or sprinkle a bit of silver if you want and it can change your space to something that’s totally fashionable. But blings and chains on them might be a fad. Dont fall for it. It will lose charm.

Also, get your hands on a bare real tree than fake, metal and already dressed ones. That opens up possibilities.

Have a great week ahead if anyone’s reading.



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22 thoughts on “Holiday Manzanita Branch Centerpiece & a discussion”

  1. we’re both thinkin branches–not surprising! i love the manzanita branch and the look of them casually inside. if you find me actually paying for a branch, please call the authorities. it’s an imposter or i’ve gone off the deep end. 🙂

    i will have almost no time for reading blogs and commenting in the upcoming days and am hoping my close friends will not feel neglected–design blogs are like my tv, and i’ll check in when i can!

    love to you across the miles.


    1. Hahaha Michele, yes. As a part of the moral police, I shall do so. And of course, no worries about the comments. Take your time and have a great time ahead. We will be right here. And close friends that we are, we will understand. Thats what friends are for.

      Sending you and your family all my love and best wishes. Have your self a lovely lil Christmas 🙂

  2. You are funny! I had no idea anyone would pay $349 for a stick. I think I should become a Manzanita farmer. I’m with you…take a walk in the woods people!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting Roy. Your email is set to no reply, so I can’t reply to them. Have a great week!

    1. Oh Deborah, I was completely dumbfounded when I saw the price. Seriously stick is a better word.

      By the way, I dont understand you know. Some people reply to me in their blogs while some cant. I need to have this fixed. Once I thought i did it but since you couldn’t I guess the issue isnt resolved. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have it fixed.

  3. Hello Rukmini, how very surprizing, this manzanita bush and “la mode” around it ! I thought it was a Mexican or Spanish song or a liquor… forgive my ignorance, please. I share every single word you wrote, much better to pick your own “manzanita” or whatever branch you like and decorate it as you wish. Thanks a lot for the suggestion 🙂

    1. Hi Isa! How sweet of you to visit.
      Seriously “manzanita” is the new mama mia or something. Honestly, for the longest time I didn’t even know its name. Beat that. Ridiculous people are actually giving discounts on branches. Halloa!! Where is the world heading to!

      Thanks for your vote of confidence 🙂

    2. Isa, I think the word you’re thinking of is manzanilla, which is a line from Carmen:
      Près des remparts de Séville
      chez mon ami Lillas Pastia,
      j’irai danser la seguedille
      et boire du Manzanilla.
      I always thought it was a kind of apple brandy, but Google translate tells me it’s camomile. Somehow, don’t think that’s what Carmen would have drunk with her friend Lillas…!
      (Sorry for hi-jacking your comments, Rukmini….)

  4. How would you store that ?
    This is my “go to” question for anything seasonal that I want to buy.
    The professional floral supply branches have probably had a heat treatment or something to kill off any little bugs or what ever. Can you imagine sitting down to Christmas dinner and seeing little worms all over your centerpiece ???? Aaaaah.
    ~ C

    1. Hi Christie. Well, what I did for this branch before decorating it is, sprayed them with some dry bleach, dried them in full sun for about 2 days, cleaned and decked it. You can save them too by wrapping them in a cling wrap. They will not have bugs.

      You are too funny. By the way the bugs would be too much of an Adam’s family Christmas, would it not?

  5. I just saw some branches in a store the other day, not sure what kind but I love them. I say copy cat it, that is a lot of money for branches and it sounds like you know how to kill all the little nasties. 🙂 They are beautiful though and so fun to decorate. It is kind of like birch logs or branches, I have seen them for a nit of money too, we have so many around here.
    Have fun!!!

    1. I love branches too but seriously not when there is some money involved in it. I mean i dont mind paying for something that I would not find or could not make it. But for this, even 49$ is wayy too much. And if you are living near the woods, its very likely that you’ll find one for free 🙂

    1. Thank you Janice 🙂 Oh we have something similar in Indian lingo too 🙂 Mum would seriously dissapprove or even maybe even disown me if I paid 49$ for a branch.

  6. I love the real branch idea…. I have this one on my pinterest.

    Go see…I’m going to try to make this before Christmas..obviously..hahaha!
    I really enjoy reading your postings and I didn’t see this one on my google reader? I just came over to see what you’ve been up to and if I missed something! Glad I did.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my Welcome Christmas Porch…you are too sweet! xo

    1. Oh Wendy, beautiful. I just visited your Pinterest branch and loved it. Tell me, how are the candles staying? Im doing a bit more research but if you figure out, lemme know. Might want to do it! It’s lovely. Also, what if it tosses?

      Aah, forget me and my unnecessary worries! I worry a lot 🙁

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