Hello there! All well? I can see the craft room temperature is rising by the mercury in the blogland! Delicious cookies, wonderful trees, innovative topiary, Christmas Tree skirts, ruffled ornaments, felt ornaments- Goly! You name it. And for someone like me who spends most of her time in the blog land, this is pure treat, nothing less. So, today, I thought I’d take some time off crafting and show you my home or rather nooks of my home that got the holiday touch this weekend. Of course, I showed you the shelf already.

This Pine cone was given to me by R’s sister; she got it from the woods. How sweet of her! So I gave it a coat of white, then chrome and then tied a small bow on top. Simple lovely.

Simple glass jars and bottles are one of my favorite elements in home decor. They are not only versatile in use but also are inexpensive and can render a very personalized feel to any space. For Christmas, I simply tied red vintage thread around them and placed them in a bunch. Gives my shelf top a wonderful effect.

I love myself some red Gingham at Christmas. Can you believe that they are almost 14 years old? And they still look so fresh and white and red. They are my prized possessions. Love that touch of poinsettias and reindeer.

Lastly, a bit of lights and my favorite bell.

I’m feeling the cheer already!

Would love to know how you like it.

Love, Roy

6 thoughts on “Christmas Vignettes from around the house!”

  1. Ay, ay, ay! You’re making me nervous! I haven’t written a single card yet, and the decorations won’t go up until the weekend after next! Love what you’ve done with the pine cone.

    1. Lol. Janice, I have no choice. Weekends are all I get and it’s only 2 wwekends to Christmas. Still so much is left to do…
      you say you haven’t written cards? I still couldn’t post your n mum’s parcel. God, kill me.

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