Hello then! All sweet as a candy? You see, where I stay, a mantle is very uncommon. This is a sub tropical country with loads of tropical fruits and exotic oils. Lol. And hence, my little shelf becomes my mantle when it comes to holidays. Hope you enjoy nevertheless!

This year, I’m going with silver, grey and white with touches of red. And me thinks the result is quite impressive. See, I have nothing against the opulent red and gold, the eclectic blue Christmas or the Tuscan Green and Gold (If at all that’s Tuscan). It’s simply that somehow I just like this better. A lot of people have asked me about the whites I use. Like, why not try a different color or “white again?” or “white as usual we see” and its likes. But believe me, anything too colorful to me looks like chaos. I do not get my peace of mind in a space that has too much color or two many element. it gives me headache. That is also why I am not particularly fond of spaces predominantly Indian. Simply because I’m a rustic, shabby chic (k)!

Lol. Anyway, cutting all that, here is my simple holiday shelf top- I added empty jam jars with touches of red, lanterns with some silver garland, a handmade wire star and a handmade tree with trims. This tree has flexible joints and can be kept like this and also like the one I showed here.

A little story

This wire star is inspired by my very 1st drawing of a star that my sister taught me how to draw almost 21 years back; she says, I squealed with joy when I could finally scribble a star as barring that I could draw almost everything.

Having mastered the trick, I was so overjoyed that I drew only stars for the next few days- everywhere, in different sizes and colors. hahaha…honestly, even today i draw stars exactly how I learnt it all those years back: I have tried all other ways but it somehow doesnt work out for me. I can paint t-shirts and draw filigree but somehow cannot draw a star any other way. Funny!

So, today, when i wanted to make a small star for my shelf, I thought it would be a good idea to pay a little tribute to our childhood memories and also to my first tutor who taught me how to draw it. Cherish that fond memory and keep it alive forever. You might find it imperfect, I agree, but to me, it’s priceless. I bent the wires exactly the way I etch the lines on a paper to draw a star.

Reflections and manifestations of the same in actions. Be thankful, grateful and spread cheer. Isn’t that the very essence of Christmas?



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12 thoughts on “Christmas Shelf Top Reveal”

  1. I’d say you captured the shabby chic vibe perfectly and the telling us what the star means to you makes it all the more special!

  2. Your Christmas shelf display is gorgeous. I’m very impressed with your tree. I agree with comments on your previous post that it looks very Scandinavian – but what impresses me about it is that, opened, it can be a table centre with little decorations hung from it, and closed it can be a flat tree shape against a wall. It looks perfect in this way with your sweet wire star above it. I think you should make a little set of stars for your sister and present them to her as a truly personal gift!

    No Christmas decorations at my end yet – I put them up mid December and don’t take them down until 6th Jan, the traditional date for doing so, as it’s the day the three Wise Men are said to have reached Jesus in Bethlehem. I may be the only person left alive still following this tradition!

    Janice. xx

    1. Thanks Janice. You know, honestly, when I started this tree, I had the least idea that it would turn out so scandi. But it did. And since I had put two way nails, I can turn them as well and keep it the way I want. That was a good idea.

      on another note, I have in fact made her a tree topper star. She will be so happy.

      My decos are coming along slowly and steadily…weekends are the only time I get so utilizing it to the fullest. 🙂

    1. How sweet. My grandfather passed away when i was 9 months, unborn. Everybody says he was a wonderful person… a person whom one could talk to, with much knowledge about the world. He was a very learned man. I wish I got sometime with him.

  3. I found the story of your sister teaching you are to draw stars adorable, isn’t time spend with a sister a memory forever. I like the spark the red brings. Makes everything pop. very nice, and sweet days to you. Thanks for sharing over at Sunday’s Best.

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