Mornin’ ladies! Come, wake up to cool breeze, a sunny bed and seashell windchime. Need some coffee? Come on along, come my beauties. I’m in the mood to play host.

Remember my walk by the beach post? Where I picked up crabs, shells and a lot of beachy things? No? Well, I stay about an hour and a half from the beach and I have access to beautiful, FREE, beachy things that I get home every weekend- I’ve been officially branded as the “trash” queen.  No woman, no cry…them people dont know what I see.

Moving on, I had these really cute ice cream cups, that I’d saved: I knew it right from the start that they’d become windchime. But honestly, a seashell windchime or a seashell mobile, as you would like to call, was not on my mind. It just began randomly with me wrapping twine around the cups. My original plan was to attach some bells and crystals. But soon after I was surrounded with lots of shells and I was drilling holes in them. These things happen to me. Random ideas. For all you know, a minute before I was thinking about how ugly Pamela Anderson looks.

I poked two holes in the cups and ran a twine through both of them keeping about 20cm length in between the two. Tie a knot below the holes to keep it in place. Next, I drilled tiny holes in the shells and attached them to the freestanding twine. Honestly, you can really get creative or lazy at this point. Attach randomly or in a pattern- its all fair in love, war and this seashell windchime.

I have put together a small video as to how it moves, look and feel. I hope you all will enjoy!

Video, edit et al: This girl with the pink wall.



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15 thoughts on “Making a Seashell Windchime and Video blogging”

    1. They are really soothing and you totally should try these. By the way, this is my first time in making a video so, yes, little flaws are to be excused 🙂

    1. Thank you Michelle. I wish I was around coz this would have looked so perfect in your bonus room. I did think about you when I made these. You know, my whole point in making the video was to show the dreamy feel it gives when it chimes in the warm breeze. Guess, I did it right!

  1. amazed…! How can people be sooooooo creative, i couldn’t even have thought of something like that 🙂 good work

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  3. the shells are so pretty, you are really so darn creative it makes me say, not really, just jealous! Very pretty and quite tranquilizing. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best Par.tay!

  4. That is quite some breeze you’ve got going on there! The seashell mobile looks very pretty. How did you drill the holes without cracking the shells. Did you use some kind of lubricant?

    1. I’ll tell you how. Rest the shell on its back on top of a book and with a very sharp nail, make a mark where you want the hole. Now, just hammer it with the nail lightly. Don’t drill it too close to the joint or it will crack. Drill it midway 🙂 I didn’t use any lubricant.

      1. So you didn’t use an electric drill, just a nail? (See, I overcomplicate things!)

        … and do you know how to make a hole in glass? I have a project in mind that might require that.

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