So, I’m back with a makeover. A living room makeover in budget.

Color palette: lime green, white, grey with touches of yellow, orange and turquoise.

How you all doing in your cocoons crafty chicas? Wake up then, ‘coz its spring time. Let’s go out and pick some flowers and dip our feet in the pond. Let’s get red in some summer love. Shall we?

Say hello to sunshine yellow and aqua votives!

If anyone reading this follows me on Twitter, you’d know that I recently, after giving it much thought, parted with a dear friend who’s given me warmth, comfort, her shoulders and been like a sister. My dear blue and white couch, my friend, yes I am talking about you.

But you see it was time. We had to do this mercy killing and if you are reading this, dear couch- I am so, so sorry. I still love you. But I love the warm breeze too and Moroccan style low seating where I can laze around with a book and some beer. I love me some crisp green and flowy muslins. I love me some beach vignettes and dainty chandeliers. Most importantly I love me some me some summer feel with lots of space and air. I was left with no choice.

P.s. You were really bulky and you had started to disappoint me. I just guess I had too much of you. Good riddance.

Here you are:

Anyway, leaving the black dress behind, this is what we did.

We moved furnitures from the window for more space, light and air

We replaced to sofa to a low seating

We replaced the big glass with a smaller glass

We shifted the small cabinet and the lampshade atop in a corner, beside the window on the left

We included a palm tree and some magazines

We also added indirect light sources

Total money spent: 650 INR + 120 INR + 100 INR

Below 1000 INR or near 18$ or 10 GBP

Nothing right?

I’m quite happy with the results and I’d love to know what you think.




This month I’m joining a sweet challenge: #Marchphotoaday created by the lovely Chantelle or #fatmumslim where I will be sharing 30 photos, one-each day according to the daily themes. Isn’t that like totally exciting? You can find her blog here, every month she creates a wonderful panel of themes and inspirations as prop for photographs- head over to her blog to see and know more.

I came to know of this from Sarah from , check out her brilliant photographs and her instagrams- you can also follow her on FB and Twitter.

I’m writing all good things about them because I really think they are brilliant. They are not my friend, they don’t even prolly know about me the way you guys do, we interact through comments only but believe me the inspirations you’d find in their blogs: It’s really worth being hooked onto it.

 Here’s a drift and the theme. Who will be joining me then?

The photographs will be shared in Twitter (@trumatter), that’s my handle and they will also be available under my board in Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterst- the button is on my sidebar.

Okay, Im starving!

Ciao folks.

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14 thoughts on “Living room makeover + #Marchphotoaday challenge”

  1. Beautifully light and airy. A real fresh feel…. I wonder if you can make over my bathroom for £10?!!!!!

    I just pinned two of your lotions and potions recipes to Pinterest. The links will show up in your stats cos I just tested them. Haven’t tried them yet, but thought I would start a little collection of all the herbal recipes I want to have easy access to. (That is, if we can call beer a herb….)

    1. Haha! Oh well yes, why not. I’d be more than happy to if only I was there! I am actually putting together a bathroom in olioboard for you. Will mail it across to you, see if you like it!

      I found the links in my stat. And also, beer is a by product of sugarcane which looks like a herb? Hahaha! Talk about relativity.

        1. Oh yes, absolutely. Yeast is there too. So beer’s definitely a herb, from both angle. It’s alcohol? Says who? I wanna see that blasted face.

  2. Hello Darling! Thanks for the sweet lil note about my bathroom… the measurements of the room are, 59 inches across, by approx 9 ft in length. Hope that helps. Keep in mind though, that we sheetrocked all the walls before we put in the tub, which we know now, was a no no. That made us lose an inch.
    Anyway, let me know if you have any other questions!
    I love your blog too, your living room is fantastic and so are your chandeliers!!!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea. Yes, I’ll keep that sheetrock thing mind. I think any standard bathroom here is 7 ft by approx 59″. Looks like we’ll have to compromise some bit but I need a bath. i desperately need a bath. If i dont get a bath, I’ll die. In fact if my bathroom is small, I’ll get a clawfoot in my bedroom if necessary 😛 Im desperate.

    1. Its down below- see the couch and the chairs? Its a small room so thought it would be easy to figure out. Is the difference hard to tell? Coz then I might need to post some more pics 🙂

  3. Hi there! I got your comment on my blog and wanted to send you an email but can’t since you are a “no-reply blogger.” I’m not sure if you were aware of that but that keeps you getting any replies/emails from people. I have posted instructions on how to fix it here: . It is a simple adjustment to your profile settings! (for some reason, my “blogger” won’t allow me to “reply” directly on my page even though it says I can…and I prefer email anwyay 🙂

    Anyway, to answer your question, “ASCP Provence” is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color of Provence. You can find her products online!

    Your blog is beautiful. I love how light and cheery it is.

    Take care,

    Turnstyle Vogue

    1. Hi Shari, thank you so much for the info. I have seen Annie Sloan Chalk Paint around the blog, didn’t figure out ASCP though. Also, I’m a wordpress blogger and hence in blogger i always get branded as no reply. I tweaked my settings, did everything but somehow it seems like these two platforms dont seem to get along with each other. Sad.

      Off to hunt some ASCP!

  4. What a gorgeous room, I love the low seating like that, very comfy and relaxing. I bet you love it there.
    In response to your question about me being an artist or art teacher, I am neither. I love to paint, always have and hopefully one day I will be an artist. 🙂
    Enjoy your day and room!

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