Happy Sunday to you! Just popped in to say hi and show you ‘cat crossed the pillow’ design. For those of you coming  here for the first time or who do not follow me, I have been working on a small summer project with the subject, “Indian superstitions” wherein I am trying to relook at the popular Indian superstitions in a creative, fun way. You can see the first one of the series, “nimbu-mirchi” here. There will be 4 pillows in the series and it will be up for grabs to anyone who wants! There, I have said it all  in a go.


I have been drinking tea in this glorious Anthropologie cup this morning when I realized that this also made for a fantastic prop. I let my tea sit stone cold…gah…

Regardless, in India a cat has no nine lives. Infact it has no life at all: its not even allowed to cross your streets/lanes. Dear lord! If a cat crosses the road you are about to take, its considered very, very ominous and unlucky. Disaster 1000 if the cat is black. Please tell me, what is a poor cat supposed to do? Live the rest of his life in one lane? This I found to be the stupidest superstition of all superstition ever.and thought of putting this up. I wanted to name it, “It’s okay if a cat crosses a zebra?” but stuck to ‘Cat Crossed The Road’ which translates to “Billi Ne Rasta kaata”

Honestly, if this Billi crosses my road, i’ll walk with it! Won’t you?

Cat pillow 5This is done with a sharpie on fabric, washed and ironed on back. If you are a cat lover and have always found this superstition to be very stupid, you’ll find this quite interesting.

Here’s another look at it and I am out.

Tell me how it looks!

Cat Pillow 3Toodles

Trumatter XO

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