I wanted to show you all the entire PDF as a blogpost, and here we go!

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Here are the designs!

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Its almost funny how we Indians, and only us in the god darn world are susceptible to “buri nazar”. Not that we are an extremely good looking race, not that we have tons of oil or cash, we don’t roll in gold and our babies don’t look half as cute as a Jap’s and yet you’ll find a big-arse smear of black kohl on every child’s forehead. It’s funny.

Considering my home is by far unaffected by this thing called Nazar, I thought I’ll get an army here on to nullify every evil nazar that falls on my home or life. Makes sense right?

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A shoe when hung on a thing you love will save your precious from greedy, evil eyes. Wah! See, such cute solutions for every problem there is.

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Nimbu-Mirchi, one you have already seen!

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Details and Pricing

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Set of four pillow covers, in a size of your choice, INR 1200 or 400/a piece

Colours Available: All, Can be customized to your need

Shipping: Open to India, US, Australia, New-Zealand and UK. International shipping charges extra.

Material: Acrylic on cotton



Very global, very geometric but with an Indian tadka!

For orders, kindly mail me at koelroy86 at gmail dot com


Roy XO

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