I promised you all I’ll bring some India in this humble house and so I have. It cannot get more Indian than nimbu-Mirchi! You need (your) evils warded off? Just do nimbu-mirchi. Your stomach’s not quite right? Just wave nimbu-mirchi around you 7 times and throw it away {or something like that} Practically it’s the cure for everything. You can get one {1 lemon and 7 chilies strung together} fresh, every Saturday {okay, Saturday is the mother of evil of all evil days. You will buy nimbu-mirchi on this day, do not wear black, eat vegetarian food} for 20 bucks or you can buy its unperishable versions {plastic and glass} for a little above 30. You’ll see them in cars hung on the rear view, you’ll see on front doors, in trucks on trucks everywhere in trucks, as keychains- man we need to get rid of evils on a regular basis.

Limbu Mirchi 3

So I thought I’ll do away with some of (my) evils too you know. In my own way of course 😉

I think I have more sour enemies than fiery ones so just 1 chili for me as opposed to 7 and 3 strands for 3 people {Come on, 1 strand..3 people…this negotiation beats one you do in Goa flea markets..just because its India you can’t be negotiating to this level}. Hahahaha…okay..enough tomfoolery. Below is how these stuff look!


Coming to think of ‘nimbu mirchi’ we seem to dig those two things in our cuisine too. Anything and everything with some chili powder and a dash of lime is better without it, and I am being sarcastic about it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE lemon and lime. I love the flavors in desserts, in marinades and in drinks. But I wouldn’t add it to something that is already overtly pungent. Like something with chat masala and vinegar and I’ll skip the lemon juice. Rest of the country seems to think differently though! Considering I’ve been a spoiled-sport all these years when it came to ‘nimbu-kanda-chat masala’ (Lemon, Onion, Chat masala) I thought I’ll try the theory to my decor.

limbu mirchi pillow closeup

Stamped this pillow cover with lemon and chili today morning and I am loving the result. I’ve been a fan of stamped fabric for long and citrus is one of my all time favorite whether in print or choice of flavors.

Just so you might like to know how I did it:

Cut a lemon in half, slit a chili lengthwise and keep them to dry for a day. This way you’ll get a clearer pattern without smudges. Brush the lemon and chili lightly with fabric paint. Don’t dip it in paint or you’ll have very thick smudgy print. Dab once on a paper before printing on fabric. Let dry for an hour and that’s it! I drew the little hoops on top with a sharpie. Once dry I ran my sharpie through print edges to give it a uniform look.

Limbu Mirchi

Its 4:34 here in Mumbai and methinks it’s time for a short siesta~

Goodday folks, goodday.


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