G’day ladies. Mid February and all…is the Sun shining at yours? It’s spring here darling. Cool nights, cozy twilights, warm days, blooming flowers, glasses of rum interspersed with Gin and lemonade, great gigs, wine on the slopes, getting happy, warm showers, fan and blankets. Totally phenom.


Grabbed your first cuppa yet? Good. ‘Coz I have some Nautical home accents here with me for that perfect beach style decorating. Finally back with some crafts now that I gave a rest to the freelance works for a while! Yes, money feels good, but having some free time to do something you really love doing or best, to do nothing is very, very important.  And halloa! See what came out of nothingness! A coir monkey fist knot that’s perfect for your beach-cottage / coastal style decor.

Ideally made with cords and raffia, I wanted to try it with coir- a kind of rope made from dried coconut and one that’s very popular in India. They generally come in twisted pattern so overall gives anything made out of them a very coastal effect. But mind you, wear gloves while working with them ‘coz newly bought ones are real tough!

So, how to make a monkey Fist Knot?

All you’ll need is a cords or a rope and you’ll wrap it around your fingers in 3 different direction, looping 4 times in each looping pattern. Haha, sounds absolutely unachievable right? On the contrary, it’s quite easy. I could have done a video but I want to show you the video from which I learnt.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re6TEuWQf7I&w=420&h=315]

Easy peasy?

I’ll be back with another knot very, very appropriate for valentines Day or otherwise: The Celtic Heart knot. Maybe this time I’ll try and do a vlog as well! What say?

Have a great week ahead and keep it crafty.

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12 thoughts on “How to make a Monkey Fist Knot for your coastal decor”

    1. You know what Tammy…yes. It is a lost art indeed. I see so many people buying these for home decor from shopping malls but hardly do they even know what they are called. It is so easy to do…and so interesting…I’m planning to do more of them.

  1. Hmm, a Celtic Heart know would be a nice idea. I’ve seen very big ones of these used as door stops.
    Is your new home closer to the beach…?

    1. Umm…my home’s not close to the beach unfortunately but close to a creek. It’s very breezy. Thinking of making a celtic heart and add a couple of bells to it and hang it as a chime. What say?

  2. I’ve been wanting to make one of these knot balls for some time now (I’ve seen it made as a door stopper too) but just never got around to looking into it! You’ve made it easy for me…Thanks bunches for sharing the video!! Just one question…To create the handle loop, how did you go about that?

    1. Hi!! Thanks for stopping in. See, I made it with coir which is two strands of rope twisted together. What I did is, for the ends, I opened the twists from open ends and twisted the alternate strands back. Simple enough 🙂 If you want to have a closer look, let me know, I’ll send you a picture of the same. Have fun!

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