Howdie ladies! ‘Sup and all?

So much activity since Monday. Wendy welcomed grandson baby Logan in her family, Spring cleaning is on, Michele showed us some vintagey blings that she just cant get over, Sarah from a beachcottage is decluttering her storage and I am participating in the challenge: Love this blog land, I do. It keeps me pepped up, always!

I’ve been smitten by the lost art of knotting lately and more so by this particular knot: the Celtic heart knot. I had some coir left from the monkeyfist knot and I decided to give it a go with the same material before trying it with cord and making a necklace. I have little patience and I am known to screw up things, believe me. Lol. Anyway..

It took me a few tries but I did it alright!

My next attempt would be a necklace in pink cords. Fingers crossed!

Also, the man and I made a video for his band- we focused a lot more on the music than the production value. This was made in our old home. I don’t know if I have ever told anyone of you here about this band of ours called Colaba Point for which I sing at times when required 🙂 An initiative born out of casual jamming sessions and free will, I was not a part of their ideal line up, but joined much later when he discovered that I can sing! About that trait of mine- later.  The album is yet to be released but you can find our first album on bandcamp.

Video and song by the man in question: Rohan!


We like things old school and POV based: This is our dig and happy times and fun which we find in music.

This is what the man has to say about the video above:

“Colaba Point is a Mumbai based music collective with a strong DIY ethic. This was a casual video attempt made in about 2 hours last night while I was trying out my first experiments with video and movie maker. One of us made that chandelier using those small decorative Christmas lights 🙂 Song and video was recorded at home. When I made the song, I thought it would fit well as a background score for a fancy dinner sequence in some black and white movie.

I know that fried chicken and cheap wine isn’t exactly a fancy dinner, but in a world where millions sleep hungry every night, I’ll excuse myself for calling it so. “

So, that’s that for you ladies and gentlemen (if any) Be happy, listen to good music and love each other.


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8 thoughts on “Celtic Heart Knot: Wear it, flaunt it, hang it and our first video!!!”

  1. Okay…seriously?! I listened to Certain Days and your voice is beautiful Rukmini…you remind me of Suzanne Vega! The band is great! I love this music…what? Where have you been? I want to see a video of the band with you singing Certain Days! I want to blog about that video! I want you to come to my livingroom and sing it for me! Holy crap girl…I’m stunned! The chandelier video was good, but I kept expecting you to come into the video or Rohan. I’m going to have to spread Certain Days without a video on my blog! I’m so glad you shared this part of your life! Keep on sharing it and thanks for the mention about Logan, our new wee grandson. You are so sweet! xo wendy (going back to listen to more of the music…)

    1. Lol…I know. I never really talked about this half of mine. I’m a shy moron.

      I would love to come to your living room and sing it for you. You know Rohan had to literally push me to sing. I always shy away from my talents…or don’t really like to own up to it.. so I didn’t share this all this while but thanks for the vote of confidence, now I will. I know for a fact that there are two more songs that you will really like. We will try and come up with a video for certain days as well.

      Peck to Logan and Im seriously happy that you liked it.

    1. ALREADY??? Oh me! I’m off to your blog to flatter myself then. Is this a good day or is this is great day! You are so sweet..I owe you a coffee time song.

  2. Wendy is right. You do sound like Suzanne Vega. (I’ve seen her live three times.) Really lovely song – Rohan is great too. Well done all! And well done on the video too – and the Celtic knot. Looking forward to seeing it in pink cord.

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