Howdie Tru Girls! Hello from the sunny land and a sun bathed veranda currently under a sweet invasion. I prefer my coffee by the kitchen window or the sliver of veranda adjoining my bedroom but today I was kicked out of my favorite haunts. Silently, diplomatically and with stinking cuteness.

So many sparrows visited me this morning as I made my first cup, I couldn’t help but run inside and grab my cam. They wake me up every morning, yes, and I fill their dish. But today, they simply decided to invade. Maybe because I’m home and its Saturday. I think they love weekends. Anyway, do you know what the best part is? They don’t give a damn about me being there with my camera. I was up close and personal with them this morning and they took no offense what so ever. They happily chirped and hopped away, eating breakfast. And as I write, I can hear them still.

See, fat little arrogant bum. Need some tanning lotion, do ya? My mum LURVES sparrows and they visit her too back home. Last time I visited my parents, my mum had a functional fountain and a feeder…Jeeee! You think she sent these guys to me? Could be. Not that I mind.

I give them par boiled rice in a foodgrade bowl for now but considering the inflow, we’ll need to make provisions for these tiny friends of mine soon.

And now, you should listen to this

In our last house, a sparrow or two used to visit us. The windows faced north so there was very little or no direct sunlight unlike my current house which has French Windows opening to the east. Their favorite gig was to bathe themselves under my flowering plants that had been watered. A bleeding soul that I am, I thought they go through so much trouble and I searched online for inspirations and all as to how to make a bird bath and feeder, blah blah and made them one. Next morning I was hoping to see them take a lavish bath and I woke up early and made myself a pot of tea so that I can “enjoy” my tea while they bathe themselves. You know, those country dreams? Hahahaha. Guess what? They wouldn’t even touch it. Worst part, they never came back.

But this lot seems educated. They will come and I know it.  They look open to training and ideas and luxury.

Off to some brunch.

Anyone has any ideas as to how to make a birthday easily? The last one was too much pain. Will be appreciated.


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