Its 4:24 P.M in here and I am still lazying on my bed. The bedroom is finally done and what a major relief to finally get to crawl in my fluffy white linen and duvets. Plus this time, its doily love major, baby! A gift from my mom, this bed spread is made out of super soft threads- this is hotel California. Programmed to receive but you cant never leave! I am so bedroom locked.

I am inside this very duvet. Too bad I cannot take a picture of my lazy self in here. Surprisingly, with all this pink, the man loved it too. I think secretly men like the soothing effect of pink too just that they dont like to say it. Personally, Im no pink fan either but a bit of pink does bring in a very soothing and relaxing effect to any space. And I have learnt this from none other than Rachel Ashwell via Michele from Hello Lovely inc. You must go to her blog and enlighten yourself with the interview she had with Rachel Ashwell. There is just so much to learn- she makes it sound so very simple.

So, here we are girls! That’ll be my bedroom cornered.

have a wonderful weekend. Off to partay at sis’.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3: Bedroom, Doily bedspread, purple flowers and fluffy whites”

  1. Rukmini! Although I’m not a huge fan of pink (anymore lol)…it does look pretty here! Our master bedroom is pewter, however because of the dormers shows blue in some lights…weird…anyway, Dan is great with the vintage feminine look I’m using to redo it…says it’s peaceful, calming….so I get what you are saying totally! And, Rukmini…try to relax. Hahahaha! xo

  2. awesome
    i m so coming at your place this weekend 😛 😛
    n just so you know i like yellow 😛 😛

  3. So I figure as I am writing this comment you are probably snuggled tight in your very pretty bedroom. Looks so warm and cozy. I love the pink color. Did you get a new header, – it looks really pretty. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday’s Best Par.tay! Following you on Linky, please follow back!

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