First of all, heartfelt gratitude to all those who have stopped by and given me the chance to make Mika’s cousin, Megumi. Megumi is very, very happy and tells you hi. She has also expressed her ardent wish to chitchat with you ladies over a steaming cup of oolong. Would you all like that?  Oh, here she is in person.

 She is a bit more attention seeking than Mika, you know the thing with pretty ladies, but she is a good girl. And after having some tiff about the suitcases, here they are off to travel the world. We wish you all the best Mika and Megumi!

Bon Voyage! And meanwhile, here is the tutorial in two big collage. But lemme just write the materials down for you.

You’ll need:

Colored papers

Sharpie – black and red (for eyes and lips)

Craft glue (Elmer’s glue or any white glue that dries clear)

A pair of scissors

Ice cream sticks

Here is the procedure.


1. if you have a thin ice cream stick, you need not to cut it. If you dont, make a spear like shape, just cut it with your scissors.

2. All papers have been given two, 1/2″ fold outwards and glued to give it a collared look (The orange and the pink paper. Oh and excuse my shorts!)

3. The robe to fall straight would require a fold on the right as you can see in image (last row, extreme left) and also a little snipping on the overlapping fold.

This is how you’ll do it: Drape the left half of the robe over the right to form a straight line on the left. Keep the collar and snip the extra (dress) paper that goes out of the line on the right. Basically we are trying to give her a straight silhouette. Wrap the collar around her neck and glue it at the back. (See image on last row, center). Easy?

And now for the meat! Look what I formed her belt from! Use up all the old mags, its alright.

That’s it. The chicks are ready to rock the world. I hope you all enjoyed it!

P.S: If anyone’s making these, i would love to know, so please come and tell me.

Have a colorful week ahead.



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    1. You are? Oh Mich, you are such a sweetheart. I have a nephew who is very crafty and I have already forwarded this to him. Would be fun to see how these angels interpret it.

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