First of all, I’m not a traditional Halloween girl. I somehow do not like creepy crawlers on my cupcakes or my hutch or for that matter of fact, anywhere. I’m more of a subtle Halloween girl with little touches and intrigue. I’m more of a haunted house that don’t look haunted but scarily is. I’m more of spooky than gore. Am I making sense? Lol. Anyway, all aside, when I found this solid wood tray in a Thrift store for 1$, I instantly knew I had to pick it up. It looked ugly and I got eyes from my sister but I did. And for a long time, I didn’t know what to do with it until yesterday when I bought home an Asian Paint Chalkboard paint. The rest is etched in brush.

A thorough sanding + 2 coats of chalkboard paint + a black and white paper cut out (changeable) on top to give it more character: tell meΒ its not bursting with life! I absolutely love its carvings and its handles. 1$? Really? For a tray made out of solid wood? Long live Thrift stores! This is going on top of an end table as my Halloween/Fall decor. See that orange out there? But more interesting is, do you want to see, how this cam home? Here it is.

You know what? I tried to see this from an angle of “Perfectly Imperfect”, but this was not a careless beauty. This was ugly and it needed love and a makeover to fit in my home theme. Hence, rises the black beauty!

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20 thoughts on “Thrifty Things: A chalkboard paint makeover”

  1. Your fixed up tray doesn’t say “halloween” to me rather it says “elegant autumn”

    1. Oops! Looks like I gotta remove Halloween from the post then! Thank you Gail. Thank you for stopping by and dropping such a sweet comment.

  2. It’s rare to find the solid wood trays that are so ornate such as yours, I would have snatched it up in a heart beat, good for you!
    I love what you did with it, because it’s not just decorated for a Holiday, but can be used all year.
    I think I would love to have one in white .
    For one dollar it’s the bargain of the year. Well done! tami from the high street cottage

    1. Hi Tami! So sweet of you to drop by. See! Isn’t that a steal? I wonder why I got eyes from my sister.
      I originally wanted to paint it white and distress it but my room needed some color. Since I’m not too fond of bright colors, I decided to stick to black. Also, I wanted to use this tray all year round and hence the decision to have removable papers. I mean imagine, this as a menu in my kitchen! This will be my toy for sometime πŸ™‚

  3. elegant is right. and this gets my vote for how to decorate for fall. i am not a halloween girl. more like halloween’s scrooge. fabulous job!

    my fall decor this year? 2 pumpkins. polished. each set on an old dutch bistro chair on the porch. so creative right? oh well.

    keep creating!


    1. Hahaha, see, now that’s a writer’s humor! This is all that my home will have for Halloween. Black in patches to break the continuous white transmission. Punto. If the highly regarded paranormal darlings are interested, very well. If not, even better.

    1. Dear Rebecca, Im sorry but your comment just got tagged as spam. Im so sorry I couldnt recover it earlier. Your blog is so cute…love your fall touches….

  4. Rukmini, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m with your sister – I wouldn’t have bought it… but I think that she, now, like me, will admit that we just didn’t see the possibilities! You’ve taken something – yes, ugly – and given it a whole new lease of life!

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