It’s good to be back with DIY’s! The last two weeks had me so pressed for time that I literally forgot where my supplies were. And although I made this piece sometime back, her Obi wasn’t finished. I clad in her in her favorite obi last night and put her off to bed, to dream about her favorite cherry tree and her beautiful prince who later at the break of the dawn swept her off her feet in a white horse to a place I’d love to call Atlantis! She is ready to go to a foreign land, to a place where she can live happily ever after. Read: packed to be shipped to a friend I dearly love.

On another note: I will be creating a couple of angels in a similar way for my Christmas tree! Aren’t they fun?

If anyone would like a tutorial, write me back or leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to write a post for you 🙂

See you my angels with my angels. Till then happy a happy weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Feeling Crafty: Old school Japanese paper dolls!”

  1. so beautiful, and the angels are going to be soooooo lovely. i’ve been trying to decide how i want to do my tree, and i’m thinkin now maybe angel wings. see how inspiration and blog lala land work? a Japanese doll to angel wings. who knew?



    1. So very very true. And its so inspiring to see how one thing leads to the other. Without the lala blog lullaby (read: posts) where would I be is what I wonder. I say Michele, after Renaissance, blogs are the next best thing that has happened to mankind. I would love to see your angel wings and your tree.

  2. I’m amazed! Your Japanese paper doll is stunning!! The detail is amazing.
    Please send the tutorial, if it isn’t too much trouble. Mouse silhouettes are about as talented as I get, but I’d love to see how you made her.
    Happy Halloween..

  3. They’re LOVELY! I would love a tutorial on making these, please!

    There’s a fabulous giveaway on my blog courtesy of our lovely blogfriend Michele you may want to check out 🙂

    Meera xx

    1. Hi Meera. How nice of you to drop by. I am posting the tutorial in my next post. In fact it is so simple that I was a little apprehensive in posting the tutorial, thinking that people might already know this. Lol..The very usual me.
      Your blog is gorgeous and I do hover at your blog, whenever I’m blog looking or when I’m inspiration thirsty 🙂

      Heading over to the giveaway.

  4. these are SO exquisite…I’ve never seen anything like them. Can’t wait for the angels and tutorial. I am loving your blog also!!!

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