This was how my table looked like when I welcomed mom and dad on Friday evening- they were to stay at mine for the weekend. It was 7 and I really didn’t know whether they would like to dine immediately or have a cup of tea first. Hence the mixed arrangement in gold and warm pinks: primarily because the season called for it and secondly because it also happens to be my mum’s favorite color.  However, what I’m really intrigued to show and tell you is that most of the elements that went into giving this tablescape its warm and rich look actually came from the flea market and a dollar store. Now, howzzat?

Here’s a closeup, you might like! I wish I could take a picture of its maker, but I shall update this post with the name. And here’s the cost/item. Such a bliss to the eyes these price tags are.

Gold, hand blown glasses: 1$ each

Antique candle stand with cherubs: 2.5$ each

Teacups: 5$ for a set of 4 (on sale, dollar store)Coaster: Self made

Side plates: 2.5$ for a set of 6 (dollar store)

My mom not only loved it but actually was very impressed that her genes have expressed themselves in me quite well. We had so much fun making old school breakfasts and traditional lunch. I’m gonna miss mom and pa terribly, now that they will be gone in less than 24 hours. Why do happy days always tend to end before we even realize its started? *sobs*.

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22 thoughts on “What i’m loving: Teacups and Tabletops!”

  1. The best things are not the most expensive and you have shown that. What a delight for a parent to come for a visit and have the table set especially for them, beautiful.The teacup is lovely.

    1. Thank you Kathy. You see, I’m seeing them after a year and a half and i had to do something special. They are the best parents in the world and best parents do deserve the best from their kids. I really miss them, now that they’ve left.

    1. Thank You Tammy. Believe me, it was a steal. Someday I’ll show you a closeup of the glasses. They have this very perfect imperfection on them…like dents, which look really pretty 🙂 That is probably why people didn’t buy them thinking its imperfect…good for me!

    1. Yes, Deborah, totally. When the world comes to an end, along with every specie, I say just one dollar store should get a place in Noah’s Arc 🙂

  2. how special you made them feel! get my message that wordpress has been acting up and wouldn’t allow me to leave comments? hope so. and hope this finds you well, my friend.


    1. Michele, there was a problem with my settings and I have no clue why that happened. In fact I wasn’t even aware of it till a friend told me that she couldn’t drop a comment and that wordpress wouldn’t let her write on my blog. By Jove, how did this happen! Thankfully I sorted it now. The ethernet and its weirdness.

  3. What an exquisite and colourful table ! I love your taste and the way you welcomed your dear parents. A year and a half is a long time without seeing one’s parents. So happy you had a beautiful moments together.
    The curtains look lovely too.

    1. Isa! How sweet of you to drop by. My parents were so happy to see my home and have a table like this waiting for them… to them this not only meant that I was excited but also that I was happy. That I’m doing good for myself. I wanted them to feel that away from them I’m living a life exactly how they brought me up, without hardships and compromise. To any parent, I know it means a lot. They returned happy and that’s what makes it all worth it 🙂

  4. Your table looks delightful and very welcoming. The pink and gold together are beautiful. I’m pleased your parents had such a good time, even though it was all too short.

    1. I know Janice. A weekend is nothing… They’ve got some business back home that needs sorting…about our house in Calcutta. Hence, the very short trip.

      I’m keeping the pink and gold till December 1st. After that, red and green will have to take over. Oh Janice, I really wish I find the angel before Christmas. Do you know, I look for it everyday? Hoping that somewhere I might find it.

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