Warning: loads of photographs and no real display of talent. Miss Roy is having a blast with her parents and she has kept everything on hold right now.

Warning: This is not a DIY post of a girl trying to live on a budget. This is a post from the carefree girl who is enjoying the usual pure opulence and is having a great time being the youngest in the family. I beg your pardon but this will be a bit more than clay tag tutorials and white washed photographs. I sound so different, don’t I? I know I do. I have temper. And i cannot tolerate arrogance. I’m angry on a particular behavioral pattern of which I must talk about, but some other time. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Imagine an entire city wrapped in little fairy lights. Mumbai never looked so pretty! And now time for the pretty bengali girls 🙂

Mom always looks ravishing in a saree. None of her daughters looks as pretty as hers. Including me! I love mom.

The one in black there on the left is my sis. Isn’t she pretty? (Ya, if you’re reading this, I do think you are, unlike what  I tell you all the time)

The notorious niece and a friend.

a sister and another niece! she is all grown up though. And just if you’d want to know, this niece of mine is an actress and has bagged many an award for roles in Makdi and Iqbal. I’m so proud of you Shweta.

Chandy’s in the hall, I’d love to replicate

And loads of pilaf as bhog!

Don’t sue me Rani Mukherjee for putting this picture up but my mom and yours apparently are class mates and they happen to share a very good repo and memories. This is up hence.

Oh, and don’t sue me dear Bappi Lahiri (You might want to know a bit about him as he is one of the who’s who of bollywood) ‘coz you were pretty much chilling beside us in the durga puja pandal. Couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of your neck with a midas touch. You have a brilliant little grandson and I absolutely adore him. Rego, when you grow up, please read this 🙂

And that’s all from the B-town from a busy bee. Hope you all enjoyed this bit.

Have a happy weekend m/

By the way, how long do you expect to survive with a bad, ignorant attitude? Food for thought.

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    1. Oh Michele. I have been missing your comments. And see morons got stored somewhere else. Jeez. I just found them after having sorted the settings. What is this funny wordpress behavior?

      And Mich, you are welcome here 🙂 Anytime. Even if you are a bad traveler.

      Loadsa hugs back.

  1. hey u have a lovely blog…..n ur niece shweta acted in few telugu films as well na!!!i have seeen her telugu films….ur mom is gorgeous girl!!!

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