We have a vintage pouch here in this wannabe beach home land and they are sahweet. 2 teeny vintage pouch that squeals adorable; best part is, they are made from a thrown away shirt sleeve. Good or no good?

Janice will be very proud of me if she sees this! I mean come on, I handmade vintage pouches and also stitched it. That’s like I battled Thor. I suck at stitching and I have tried 2 different patterns of stitching here- chain and double run,  hand stitched everything and I’m feeling pretty cool about it.

Best part is, these are made from an old linen shirt on which I spilled blue paint! Sissy doesn’t know that yet.

I know she will react almost violently when she knows I spoiled it but I intend to gift her something in it. That way I’ll be saved from the wrath I guess.

Anyway…last weekend when this disaster happened, I thought for once I’ll throw something away. But coming to think of it, Throw things away? Without seeing any hidden potential that might go to waste? Not this girl here… nope…. nah nah. Though the front was completely, how do i say it, blued? the sleeves were absolutely alright and beautiful. The drawstring fashioned cuff gave me a sustainable idea that could work… And boy was I right!

I cut up the sleeves, stitched them from bottom, attached paper images with modge-podge, stitched on it and I was good to go! I can’t tell you how sometimes I like myself. 😛

Here is the tutorial and images that’ll help you create this:

If you are using a plain shirt, you can cut the buttons off and make a small slit on both side of the cuff. With a thick needle run a cord through the cuff and attach beads on the ends. That’ll work as a great pouch too! I’ve put a sketch at the end of the post to give you a rough idea.

Coming to my shirt…

Wowza! so easy.

Now I know there will be obvious questions like, what if it gets dirty, can you wash it?

Yes. Just dont scrub or squeeze. A good machine wash and line drying will keep it just as it is. Modge-podge is water resistant and hence washing won’t affect it. The image was brushed with 2 coats of modge-podge once it was stuck 🙂 + It’s secured

Will it stay if I don’t stitch around the edges?

Yes. It will stay just fine.

How do I know?

I tried!

Now for the plain shirt tutorial.

This I have not tried, but I do think it will work!

I’ll be trying it over the weekend and hopefully will be able to pull it off. Meanwhile, if you try it, do let me know how it came across 🙂


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  1. So unique and so very pretty. But then all your creative projects are! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

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