Hutch makeover story, folks, hutch makeover story is what we have here in this teeny apartment. From rags to riches, from zero to hero- come on, have a look, darlings, come on now.

haha, much as I want to sound like a professional hawker, the fact remains unaltered that I suck at it. But what I really don’t suck at is reusing things! The carpenter gave up on it and told me to put sun mica sheet worth 500 bucks, the paint guy refused to paint it and some advised to change the whole panel because the “scratches are too deep”.  No scratch in this world is too deep to not heal- you hear me?

In fact, making a wood plank or piece look like new is surprisingly easy. All you need is sand-paper, putty and lots of patience.

Remember the hutch I made last week by assembling a shelf and a cabinet? It had just one flaw. The wooden doors beneath the cream and gold cloth were completely abused- it had ugly scratches which apparently came from attaching sunmica on it- when I first bought it, not to mention, the cabinet came with an ugly sunmica sheet which was uggs as hell.

Denied help from pretty much everyone, I remembered my late uncle’s word: “Putty can heal hearts too”. He was from the airforce and did pretty much everything till the day he passed away- from cooking to sorting cracked ceiling. He was a genius.

So I went to the hardware guy, asked for a can of putty, putty knife, water paper with 3m grits, a can of white paint and 2 medium brushes. And with this as my arms I began…

Top left is where I started.

Step 1: How to remove dendrite/adhesive off the wood

Best is if you use a thinner but warm soapy water and sand paper will do the trick. Just let it stand wet for about 10-15 minutes before scrubbing

Step 2: How to fill in gaps or scratches

PUTTY. woodwax is good if you are working small scale. If you are working with more scratches per square centimeter than wood, you better go with putty. With a putty knife, apply putty on all the scratches and then strike smooth. a putty knife is a square tin plate than helps you even the surface.

Step 3: How long should the putty stay before I paint over

A day or as much time as it takes to dry completely

Step4: smoothing the putty

take water paper and soak it in water. Rub it over the puttied surface in circular motion to smoothen any bumps. If required fill in any gaps that has not been done and wait for sometime

Step 5: Painting

Once the putty is dry, paint it over with a rolling foam. If you want a shabby texture, give strokes of light blue first and paint with white over it, when its 75% dry. This will give you a worn off look and give a lovely hint of tones, once sanded

Step 6: Sanding the paint

With a sand paper (light grit), sand it over for a smooth surface and a distressed look

can you see the texture?

There are 2 tiny holes, which needs to be filled with white cement but I have plans for it 🙂

This is my final hutch reveal- the baskets are coming for insides!

Here’s how my tiny room looks with everything in place.

I know its small and nothing but hey, that’s the challenge!

Likey or no likey?

The light were really low today so the yellow wall is seeming a little whiter. the wall is yellow 🙂

have a great week ahead


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16 thoughts on “Hutch Reveal, How to fill scratches in wood & What’s coming up this week”

  1. i love it white, and you are truly the beach goddess handywoman. i have no idea what sun mica is but there are always these mysteries lurking in your posts since we are on different continents! your room is cozycharming and i know you will have a blast tweaking and tweaking because hey. you can.

    rain in the forecast for our gig next saturday–but the show must go on!



    1. Haha, yes… blame it on the continents. Sunmica is what you call laminates. 🙂 the ones you use to cover uggs table top.

      i must send you the track in which im playin tambourine!! i killed it.

      1. That sounds great!

        My scale plant holder came out looking good. Only added one coat of paint cause the previous one was stubborn and didn’t come off. It ended up with a ready weathered look. I’m leaving it as is for now and will paint and sand it properly when I get to move (and have the color scheme I want, then coordinate) 🙂

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