Morning people!

Well, while my beachy hutch in Robin’s Egg blue is almost done- I’m still not done with the cabinet doors below and interiors. For the time being I have attached a cream and gold fabric but it’s going. Because underneath it is a dirty scratchy wood panel that disturbs me. I can’t live with things like this- if I am doing something, it has to be completely redone. So I ripped the fabric open this morning and took out the contact paper I once put on it. It’s breathing as it is now but by evening I should have a plan.

I am sold on the above photograph for my interior. This is what it’s going to be. But I am dwindling with images for the doors.

Should I do it in the same blue and with dull gold trims and ornate pulls?

Should I do it in a stripey, beachy contemporary look with the same blue and white? With copper pulls ofcourse!

Make the doors into a frame and attach chicken wire?

Do it two toned with hints of gold?

Go open with rattan baskets and white! (yes, yes!)

Go clear glass and fabric backed!

Phew! So many solid ideas and yet I am in absolute paint soup.

What do you girls think? Let me know your ideas!



4 thoughts on “Beach house Hutch Door: Part 1 & Inspirations”

    1. It was very helpful…love that board Es. Ive been wanting to do something similar for a while 😛
      I think I’ll also go open. Or if not, atleast have baskets. Thank you for your suggestion. Too sweet 🙂

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