DIY Tin Can Planter is the topic of discussion today and I tell you they are one of the easiest things to make out of old tin cans. Just poke a hole below, add some potting soil and voila! Seriously, I am obsessed with turning tins into planters and if things went my way, I would have filled my entire kitchen with vintage tin can herb planters and kept some more space to add on. Seriously, I am so smitten by these tiny planters- not just because they look very cute and all {which is evident} but because they are so versatile! While you can very well use them as decorative pieces in and around your home- as centerpiece or table top greenery- you can also turn them to herb pots and snip a herb or two from the planter and flavour your dish at dining.

Now, here’s the thing. That snipping herb feeling feels so very good! Somehow it concentrates the entire happiness of running around in an orchard and plucking fruits off the tree into a tiny pill that somehow manages to give you that country living rush.

DIY Tin Can Planter

I wish I could fill up my kitchen with tin can planters right now but too bad I cannot. I’ll have to wait for it.

Someday when I have my own little kitchen and I get to add white subway tiles and grey grout {yes, I am very very focused on what I want} and hang copper rails to hang my colanders & add DIY Tin Can Planters…sigh! The internet doesn’t make it any easy, you know with all those gorgeous homes! Anyway…

For now, welcome to this place I call mine; a refuge I often turn to when I feel overworked {the only place in the world where I have no brand guidelines to follow, no one to send photos for approval, no one to judge if I am not putting things on time..nada..nada} and I am going to show you how to turn a tin into a chic little modern vintage planter. Follow on if you’d like a good tin planter in your life yeah?

DIY Tin Can Planter 2

What is modern vintage

Now when I mentioned the term modern vintage, I know for a fact that some of you will have questions regarding this term which sounds so very oxymoronic. Modern Vintage is a term that is used to identify modern pieces that imitate the style of the previous era. This tin by Ustraa for example which packages their moustache wax and shaving essentials in pretty little tins which mimics the charm of old world product packaging. From the colour scheme to minimal fonts and design- I fell head over heels in love with the tin you know! Oh and by the way- this post is not sponsored. Thought you’d like to know 😉

DIY Tin Can Planter 3

So here’s how to make a DIY Tin Can Planter & the nittygritties that you would want to jot down for a successful tin can gardening.

  1. Choose your tin & make 2-3 tiny holes at its base. You could drill them or place a nail and hammer it in.
  2. Choose a plant that fit in your tin. Succulents work best because they do not need heavy watering and also grow indoors. You could try small variety of fern or herbs and microgreens. Choose a plant that grows in cluster other than something that shoots up straight.
  3. Always use potting soil. Thick red soil is heavy and doesn’t let the root breathe when you are keeping plants indoor. Make a mix with coco-peat & vermi compost  and use that instead. You’ll never have brown thumbs with this mix.
  4. Do not over water. Plants indoor do not need so much water because they are not directly exposed to sunlight. Coco-peat holds moisture and balances soil. Watering these guys once in 3 days is more than enough. Just enought to keep the soil moist.
  5. Get it some sunlight. Maybe during the day, get all of them in a tray and give them some sunlight. Partial sunlight works best.

DIY Tin Can Planter 4

Well, that’s about it! 5 easy steps to a DIY Tin Can Planter! One that looks so cute, you’d want to eat the whole thing up. Haha…okay, that’s just me really- but in all honestly this is one of those crafts that take very little of your effort but the result fills you with a sense of contenment; with a sense of extreme satisfaction everytime, without fail!

Try it! And if you do, don’t forget to show it to me.

Signing off for now. See y’all around {I don’t think my boss would appreciate me writing about DIY Tin Can Planter in office hours 😛 }

Off xo

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4 thoughts on “Modern Vintage- DIY Tin Can Planters”

  1. Inspired by you I have started growing greens in cans in my bathrooms and moneyplant in a ceramic mug as well as snake plant in a small pitcher. However my can is not so pretty so am planning to cover it with fabric.Also since I gave a small garden I have abundant access to money plant, purple hearts , snake plant ,philodendron and other plants. I am growing them hydroponically as it was a quick fix and I have the garden supply to fall back on. My friend also took some when she came visiting. So I guess there is a little bit of Trumatter in our Durgapur now.

    1. Your words make me feel so, so happy! I can only imagine how fabulous it must be to have access to beautiful philodendrons. We hardly get them here! I would love to see your bathroom plants if you’re okay with it 🙂 Email me? Or tag us on instagram? Handle is @trumatter

  2. ok will do. Rukmini I may go to Mumbai to visit my best friend . I have plenty of philodendrons and I would love to give you some. My burgundy philodendron does not do well indoors ( it turns green). However since you seem to have abundant sunlight in your apartment it may be better off, Also if you have anyone who will travel to Durgapur in the near future I would be glad to hand over all the plants you would like. It will be my pleasure if these plants grow in the Trumatter home. I sent some plants to Hyderabad and the airlines did not seem to mind it.

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