Trumatter, stop wasting your time in that bed and get going with your day

It’s a sofa.

Okay, get up from that sofa

Did you know you burn 1300 calories when you sleep? I am feeling obese. I am working out

Welcome to Trumatter, where I could do Calvin {Calvin and Hobbes?} all day and especially when there is a good sofa-cum-bed aboard {One which also has a suhweet storage where you can hide from unwanted guests} to fuel those excuses to lie around. A lot of you have asked me where I was MIA, I believe you could blame this Urban Ladder sofa by all means: it got me put my feet up and do absolutely nothing. But hey, I wasn’t the only one to absolutely fall in love with it!


Hop on in and you’ll see how this one sofa from Urban Ladder became the very center of Trumatter s life for an entire week, fulfilling many roles in this tiny 700 sq. feet, busy little apartment. By the way, can I henceforth refer myself as Trumatter?



Clearly, we had a few people move out from the dinner spot to the sofabed- out of pure excitement and all- which resulted in the sofa-cum-bed’s full reveal!

You see, that’s the thing about a good piece of furniture. It’s not just a functional and utilitarian thingamajig that helps you to sit or sleep. It’s more. It’s a talking point, it’s the venue for the world’s best sport- the pillow fight, it’s what you’d want more than anything after a long, tiring day, it’s where you shine when your guests ask you about it, it’s where you cuddle with your pet on a weekend and it’s where you hide all day when the world seems a scary place. It’s never just furniture. If someone asks you who told you it isn’t, tell them Trumatter 😉

Few of you asked me on Facebook and Twitter as to what my review will be on this piece considering a few of you are considering buying a sofa this season. Well, let me not tell you {buy it dammit, buy it} what to do. Weigh it for yourself and decide- we are discussing that bit too! If you ask me, I think I would. I absolutely loved sitting in there- my cuppa on the extended bit of the on the long side of the “L”… just lie there, move your hand, grab your coffee and repeat! This was Day 1 and I was loving it.



Will it fit?

Staying in a teeny apartment, my first concern was, will this fit? Well, it certainly did. Measuring a little over 6 feet in length, the Kowloon sofa cum bed fit quite snug near my window space: It’s a three seater sectional that seats four by day, but roll {or pull the tag rather} out the drawer and pull the bed section and there you have it a spacious double bed to put your feet up! This also meant no compromise you know. No fighting over who is going to be seeing the TV from the sofa because hey, it’s a bed too! Cool right? Day 2 was all about sharing!

UL-sharing a bed

There is a very crucial aspect to consider here. As spaces are getting smaller, areas are becoming more fluid. Which means, rooms are not demarcated by functions but rather are used as per convenience! Dining rooms have melted to dinner on the sofa + TV, dining is doubled as a computer desk, shoe rack top as a shelf for vignettes and the very fact that studio apartments exist tells us how modern living has changed! You do not want to cram your already small apartment with way too many furniture but would want your furniture to multitask! The Kowloon sofa-cum-bed punches in 3 major requirements in one! Day 3 and I have my storage done!


The chaise lifts hydraulically so you can tuck away pillows, blankets and more in the spacious storage area below without breaking a sweat! And of course, as soon as you are done, men can play some guitar on it! Day 4 was musical.


What I personally liked in the sectional is you could attach the recliner on the right or the left side of your sofa cum bed, according to your convenience and space. Hah! Now who is the queen of foofing eh? Who likes to move things around 50 million times in order to “primp” the space up? That’s right, that be me! Day 5 was all about hosting a tea party and prepping the sofa up a bit. A bit of slip cover, crochet and a tomato plant for our Italian inspired partay!

UL-Primp Up

Because you can dismantle pretty much everything barring the main 2 seater section and rearrange, you don’t really have to be stuck with a cumbersome furniture. There are hoops on the side of the sofa and you could move the recliner around or even completely out of the sofa set. Pre-packaging is not an option any more and this gives you the freedom to use your space the way you want! Day 6 was about sipping some wine and relaxing a while, while doing laundry.


And again, being clean, symmetrical and linear it fits in your decor style perfectly: I mean I have a beach inspired home and it fit like it was made for it. Available in grey and brown, I am more than convinced that it will fit in any style.

In a nutshell

From a potato, you will quickly go on to become a couch pumpkin. You’ll love it so much that none of your work will get done and its a great buy if you are looking at one piece of furniture that does sofa and bed with equal grace. The only thing that you need to get used to is tugging the bed section up because it needs some hand. Rest, I couldn’t find a thang why you wouldn’t love it!

Long blog eh? This is what happens when you write so seldom. When you write after a hiatus, you just vomit all your pent up creative thought! But no more. This is Trumatter signing off. Shoot your questions if you have one and here is the link to the sofa should you want to consider.

To tea xo

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