Home decor layering, tea, a bit of free time and a very, very tired girl says hi this afternoon! Really, it’s so hot outside I could fry an egg- not to mention so very humid and bright that you almost feel dizzy if you dare to step out after 11 that is…Sheesh Kebab! The major chunk of my life has passed without an air conditioner but somehow this arvo, I am wondering how I survived all those summer days! But you know what? I do think when you are young, these things don’t matter so much. You feel no pain, no heat, no cold- it’s like there is almost nothing to be worried about and the whole world is yours. Thanks to that thing called ageing and crossing on the other side of 30 that a lot of things are now quite unacceptable. Not good. I am a human, I should be pushing myself to feel a 50 degree on my bare back but alas!

But you know what has happened as I grew up? I finally got to live in an apartment – ALONE {and not share it with 3 chicks one of whom was really dirty} and finally got to let loose the creative cat and got to talk about home decor layering with you all. So I am not really complaining!



What is Layering and how to do home decor layering

Now I am sure you’ve heard about layering in fashion right? Basically you just layer your clothes in a way that the problem areas in your body are hidden and the best areas are highlighted, and overall the look seems pulled in. For example, you layer a tee with a sweater, a jeans and a scarf. Maybe a coat if its very cold, and it’s all done with keeping the colours/ patterns/texture in mind. Home decor layering is very similar to layering clothes- just that you’ll look into dressing your home instead of yourself. It’s simple like that!


Hah! No wonder my home looks like okayish and I look like a drab something in PJ’s all day. I mean come on, only one can look good at one time yeah?

Anyway, coming back to home decor layering, it can work towards making your rooms comfier and warmer, and by doing so you can also create depth and dimension, and can even help to camouflage those areas that need it. Just remember, the key is to balance. While too much layering can look cluttered, if done carefully it can make your space look pulled in and comfortable. Remember: layering is that thin line that divides random grouping from perfect settings.

I have put together a little something that will help you with home decor layering- I think you’ll find it useful.

Do’s of Home decor layering

Major Do’s

Identify the primary functions of the place: What do you want to do in that space? If its a couch, you’d most likely want pillows and throws. If its a dining table, you’d want a centrepiece and runners. First decide what function do you want the space to serve. This is the first step to layering.

Begin with the Busiest/largest: Whatever is your largest piece or busiest piece- whether in vignetting or fabric upholstering- start with that. You’d want to get the rest of your elements work around the busy piece and not the other way round.

Use a variety of height and width: For a great looking layered home, vary the size and width of elements. Here, I layered the bed with large cushions, small cushions and large and small pillows too.

Think Balance, Not Symmetry: A lot of people, while layering look for symmetry. Honestly, when it comes to home decor layering, look for balance. It might all be just carelessly thrown in your sofa with a throw but it’ll still end up looking fabulous because of the balance in shapes and colours.

Take a photo and then arrange again: What might look great to you might look not so good when you take a photo. Believe me. That’s the only way to a good home decor layering. I don’t know why it works but in a photo you tend to understand what’s missing more effectively. Or which cushion to keep where or if the throw is looking good as in a picture.

Minor Do’s

Add some shine: A glass vase, a float, a shimmery cushion- a little shimmer can help you better your home decor layering

Add Plants: If you think it’s looking a bit drab, add in houseplants. Fiddle leaf, ferns and tropical plants make for a fantastic layering element

Clear Things: A touch of glass or coloured mason jars also add a lot to layering. Have a bit of clear things around.

Photoframes: Photo frames also help you layer effectively and can primp up a dull place. See this gif to see what I mean!

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