We have a DIY pomander in the house, a blizzard whooshing its way past on chromecast (outside it must be some 29 but why should I care) and a lovely pot (transferred epithet for the win) of coffee brewing in our kitchen. As my husband would put it, these two months are the weekend of the year and we are so ready! Our geographical coordinates may not be graced by the presence of tree canopies bathed in a fiery hue, the visual of an umber pumpkin patch ready for the harvest season or a dramatic drop in temperatures and little flakes on snow on your fur coat but hey- when did that stop us from feeling how we want to feel huh?Like never!

It’s the second week of November and we think it’s the perfect time to immerse oneself in the aura of the season: needless mentioning, I’d be overjoyed by having you all jump onto the bandwagon!

coffee on, feet up- here’s a slam dunk holiday DIY Pomander Bowl that’s super easy to make, smells absolutely divine and is 100% organic. Plus, if you see the orange getting a little soft, cut it up and dunk the fruits and the cloves in some rum and keep it. Next time, drink that. With some coke and ice. Haha, just sayin

A little sneakpeak into the history of Pomanders

Because it’s fun to have to some knowledge to thwart those naysayers who’d be like, “arey is that an orange and cloves? shouldn’t you eat them?”

Pomanders in medieval Europe during the 1700s were traditionally fabric bags or perforated boxed filled with mixtures of fragrances / dried herbs that were believed to ward off illnesses & bring good fortune. In modern times however, these have been envisioned as ‘perfumed sacs’ that are marinated in herbs/spices that act as natural air fresheners & also make for great décor elements that add that touch of whimsy. Either way, it’s kinda cool. So we shall make these DIY Pomanders yeah?

But ofcourse, it has to be Trumatter Style DIY Pomanders

Which means it has to look chic, dreamy and cozy all the at the same time. So we shall pair them with a few pine cones in our bloom bowls for that perfect table top Christmas slathered room freshener.

Without further ado, here’s what you need:

Pomander Bowl Bare Essentials

Oranges (Oh I love my dose of citrus)

Cloves (Indian Kitchens for the win. Woohoo!)


Bloom Bowls (Our gorgeous bowls make everything prettier. We might be a tad bit biased.)

“Fall” in Love with The DIY Pomander

Pick out medium-firm oranges

Stud them with whole cloves (yes, it’s that simple).

Get creative. Form a pattern or just set them as your heart desires. Tip: use a toothpick to demarcate clove positions in advance if you’re a little bit of a pre-planner.

Arrange these beauties in a bowl. Ours is the Bloom Bowl that allows our oranges to pop against the earthy & neutral color scheme.

The pinecones further build on the aesthetic and fragrance palette.

You can embellish the bowls/oranges with ribbons to rein in festive vibes.

As the oranges dry, they’ll exude a heady yet delicate aroma with notes of the spices.

Some more cool DIY Pomander tips

To make the aroma last longer, store the clove-studded oranges in a fabric/paper bag & dust them with cinnamon powder for an extra effect. You can hang them as well!

Cinnamon do well as an arrangement too. So does Star Anise. All great flavors and harbingers of the holiday spirit.

You can also cut it up and throw it in a pot of water with some bay leaf for the most divine stove top home fragrance.

With these DIY Pomanders, the possibility is endless.

But you know what I particularly love about these DIY Pomanders?

It’s the culmination of so many things I adore: easy to source raw materials, DIY magic & our beloved Bloom Bowls. A piece to make the senses & home both soar with joy!

Holiday season, I love you.


Rukmini + Team Trumatter

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