Holiday Hygge or how to get the coziest best from the holiday season.

I have been meaning to do this blog for a while now. Ideally, this should have been with you all as a printable guide around November end because that’s probably when a lot of states start to grow cooler but deadlines needed to be met. Ledgers needed closing, balances needed cheggin, funds needed transferrin’. Haha, give me a tune fellas and I swear this could very well turn into a Blues number. But 9 days to December isn’t all that bad if you ask me. Just putting my own rewards in my basket. That’s just who I am I guess.

But before all that don’t stress because you don’t have the essentials

So, okay, before I get into talking about Holiday Hygge, please understand that there is no stress upon you to enjoy the Holiday season like so. As a matter of fact, the whole point of incorporating Holiday Hygge is to get the stress down. If you do not have a basket and a throw, just a razai will do. Hygge is in the feeling and not so much in the material.

And millenial influencers are not trying to influence you

More like, hey, here’s a cuppa cocoa. Come sit with us and lets talk! This post is definitely not about, ‘hey, you need this to have a great holiday season’. I seriously have had enough of these “Millenials are turning to Hygge’, ‘Millenials choice of hygge throws’ and ‘Pooping Hygge’ articles floating and I assure you this is not one of this. Millenials and Hygge have nothing to do with each other really. One is a set of people born in an era. The other is an age old nordic culture. Like what the biscuits. Don’t let all that bring you down. You do you but this is what can elevate the whole winter experience and this is what I do. So if you’d like, you are welcome to join in. No pressure!

But let me also tell you, Holiday Hygge can go a long way in making you feel amazing

And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. These are the little things that have this amazing quality of making you feel cocooned in a safe place; which affects your overall mood, health and your home health positively. And the keyword here is cozy. Not expensive. Warm, inviting and inviting and not perfect

Here’s what we think can add oodles of Holiday Hygge to your home.

Create a Hyggekrog or a cozy spot

I think everyhouse has a spot anyway where people tend to gather naturally. For us its the living room sofa and the dining nook.

From morning coffee chats to dinner discussions, work from home, craft projects- that’s the place where we tend to huddle a lot. So that’s naturally our spot. Now to turn it from a simple dining nook to our own Holiday Hyggekrog

What we did: Added a bowl full of pinecones and fresh fruits. A simple, linen table cloth. A few candles to set the mood and ofcourse took out our Holiday tea set. If space permits, get in a small, real juniper of mini spruce and let it sit on your table all through the holiday season.

A few festive candles

There is no hygge without a candle and by that logic there is no Holiday Hygge without a Holiday scented candle. And this I’ll ask you to invest in. Anything from ginger bread to warm vanilla, apple pie and orange and cloves, candles not only add warm, soft puddles of light but also makes your home smell divine. I leave the choosing to you. We love our Homemade Plum Cake candles.

A bit of nature

Get the best of winter foliage, in your home. A pinecone or two, a bunch of greens or a branch of spruce or pine- they all add oodles of Holiday Hygge to your center table or dining table. Plus, these are natural, inexpensive decor solutions that instantly put a smile on your face.

We totally love the new Handverk collection by Ikea. The visible seam lines in the ceramics just do it for me.

Bake away. That’s Pure Holiday Hygge

Or a bread. Or anything you please. The warm aromas from an oven is purely hyggeligt. Come Holidays and I do all my baking in the morning and close the windows! My home smells like a bakery all day long. Haha. But you don’t have to.

Find our Biscotti recipe on our Instagram page

Allow room for soft, huggable fabric: Cushions, rugs and Throws

Holiday Hygge is hundred percent a few soft cushions, a throw and cup of tea. Or cocoa. or coffee. Add in your oldest, softest throws, plump up the cushions and give them thicker fabric cover like velvet or soft faux fur. They bring in so much Holiday Hygge in so less that it’s one of my personal fav ways

If you have a throw that perhaps belonged to your mom or grandmother- even better. That’s just double the Holiday Hygge

Pajamas, house boots and socks

Got a pair favorite pajamas that’s soft as a baby’s bottom? That should be in your Holiday Hygge list. A warm knitted socks, old socks, worn a lot fleece overalls- yup, they are all in. It’s all about creating an ambience of comfort and what’s better than the above.

Your Favorite Handmade ceramics

Get your favorite ceramics out. If its handmade, even better. Certain ceramics have deep connections to humans and handmade ceramics even more so. The minor flaws in handmade ceramics make it the ultimate Holiday Hygge dinnerware.

Holiday Hygge Essentials in a nutshell

Here’s a little printable that you can use to keep a checklist in your diary! Just incase.

Alright! Out and out for a cup of hot cocoa and then snooze.

It’s 12:57 am and I am quite certain someone will come and lick my nose at about 6 in the morning. That cat I tell you! Sigh.


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