A simple fall bouquet idea that requires you to just take a walk in the park. Or a street perhaps? In your cycle? A reader asked me recently where on earth do I find autumn in Mumbai and I’m like Hagrid, say it!

“If you know where to find it”

Seriously, look around you. Just dont see. Mechanically. Look. And you’ll find all the signs of Autumn, right here in Mumbai. Trees in shades of amber and yellow and orange signaling the beginning of the world’s ecdysis in all it’s glory! But I get it. It’s very hard to see past the big buses sometimes. But then you must look for it. The world hasn’t forgotten to bestow us with all its glory, we have forgotten to look for it.

Sometimes I pick a leaf or two and wonder how fortunate we are to be alive in times where change of seasons still ‘happens’. To be able to witness the earth’s change with such delight and celebrate it- I must be very lucky. That is also why you will see so many natural foliage in my home from time to time. It reminds me how beautiful it is outside.

And through out the years I have done quite a few fall bouquet with dried leaves. Sometimes on their own, sometimes flanked with a few fresh or paper flowers. In the post below are 3 of my favourite fall bouquet arrangements decoded- so you can whip one up too!

All simple, effortless and on budget.

The Farmhouse Fabulous Fall Bouquet

For example, this! A bunch of mums + a bunch of paper peonies and dry leaves make this bouquet in a jam jar a farm house delight. Absolutely loved how white and blush played with the heavy brown warm tones. Take cue!

The Rasta Rustic fall bouquet

Straight from the rasta, into a rustic little setting! Dry leaves create dramatic fall bouquet and look absolutely divine when displayed in a bunch. Mind you however, for that drama to unfurl you need longish branches. Tiny branches may not be quite effective if you are adding it as a centerpiece

The Chic Rose fall bouquet

Long stemmed roses in orange and pink flanked with a few white mums make for a beautifully chic fall bouquet- we have added eucalyptus to this mix as well at times and it looks gorgeous.

Try it out. You have no idea how joyful it is to gather leaves and flowers and make a bouquet for your home. It’s like this instant cheer machine. You walk in- you see them- you are happy. Period.

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