That’s slathered with all things Autumn and is perfect to celebrate the everyday of this gorgeous time of the year. Hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a while. How did we get to November so soon? Do any of you remember? Is it age? Because as and on the numbers increase in my ‘years lived in earth’ calendar, time seems to just fly. More reasons to celebrate everyday I guess.

Also, sorry, I will digress just a little bit here because frankly I miss my old friend. This whole to the point SEO writing has got my nerves shot and I am shriveling within to just think of those words that has been carved in my brain: People have very little attention span when they’re reading online. WHY? God. What age are we living in. So I have taken it upon myself to bring in the ol’ fren digression to intentionally make the post long. Also because when you talk to people, you dont talk in bullets. This is my voice. Wait, I actually have now forgotten what the real topic of digression was. I think it was something to do with age, just like this forgetfulness. Gah.

Regardless. On to our fall tablescape shall we head.

I have always enjoyed the little things in life and to my understanding it adds immensely to your everyday. I have often seen people discuss life changing ideas and climb vesuvias and get pearls from Mariana Trench {available?} because they feel they need to do something big and drastic because life has come to a standstill. And I am just about okay with that. For some that extreme kick is necessary. But I often wonder, if that’s the only way to live a good life. How about taking a walk and spotting a few new leaf? Gathering a wild bouquet? Get the colours of autumn in your home? Take your cycle out for a spin and feel the sun on your forehead? Because these little things have somehow brought major changes in my life. With regards to attitude, the quality of life and how I perceive things. Big indulgences are good but small indulgences are priceless. That is why this post.

To get you live the truest home life replete with life’s little joys. Sometimes for grabs in very little cash. Sometimes, it’s all free!

The cozy tablescape to remind you its autumn

So today, we discuss the essentials of a quick, easy and super cozy autumn tablescape that you can do to call in a bunch of friends for lunch, high tea or dinner and depending upon the time of the day, you can change swap a few things and you’re ready. I wanted our Sunday breakfast to be mildly idyllic so I did it up with our breakfast essentials. Later in the post, I will also give you the price of everything so you can pick them up should you want to!

All aboard

Trick or treat? More like trick and treat

With a few tricks up your sleeve, your fall tablescape (or any for that matter) can become quite a treat and here’s how to get the look!

A. Think of a colour. When it comes to summer, I gravitate towards white and blue. For fall, warm browns do it for me. For the holidays, it’s got to be green and red. So step A is to think what do you want your table to tell you? For us, it’s warm and cozy and fall. So we chose things in tones of browns and orange woven in with white and beige which is well- ME!

TIP: Remember, weave in seasonal inspirations with your personal style to achieve a style that’s absolutely unique.

B. Start with placemats (if you want), plates and glassware. There is a lot of yabba dabba do on where the glass goes but we are home people calling home people. Like karthik called karthik. You don’t have to care a hoot about that. For convenience’s sake, I find it easier to place glasses on the left because we are all righties. So start with placemats, then dinner plates, then quarter plates, then napkins, then bowl or cup and saucer. While serving, keep the cup to your right.

TIP: Serving brekky? Cut out all the other things and keep the plates and cups. Just add or subtract depending upon your course, occasion and time of the day

C. The centerpiece. While I personally prefer little things arranged in a strip- you can opt for one big arrangement as well.

What we have done here: Added silk hydrangeas in burnt sienna in amber glasses- both classic autumn colours. Next, we broke the heavy colours with clear glass and tealights. Lastly, we added a pumpkin in the center and added a little understated bling to add a little pizzazz with the IKEA candle holders and tall candles.

That is it. And yet, look at this table. Wouldn’t you want to sit a while?

Here’s what I have used for our Fall tablescape

Napkins- Rs. 699/- from WestSide

Porcelain cup & Saucer- 245 each/- from WestSide

Plates by Decor Kart

Amber beer glasses by The Purple Turtles

Silk hydrangeas- 145/- each from WestSide

Tall Candle Holders- IKEA India

And that’s it! Simple, quick and effortlessly cozy! Just how a pretty fall tablescape should be!

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