And this blog is gold. Not in terms of how well its written perhaps but in terms of information- It’s about a garbage disposal system that’ll reduce plastic use and thereby save you money, help in reducing landfill, make your life easier and completely eliminate the need for a wet dustbin which- well, let’s agree- smells so divine with a day’s worth of fish bones in it that it can bring back your dead grandma from the graves. Plus, if you have pets and they constantly sneak in your garbage can, this is also the greatest solution there is.

So yeah, skip the gold and silver and bring one of this home for Dhanteras. This metal will work for you.

But before you believe me, let’s weigh in a few odds. Like

Why not compost?

If you live in a row house or an individual house with a dedicated area for composting- well, go ahead. That’s really good. But if you live in an apartment, turning an entire balcony into a composting zone may not be a very wise decision. Secondly, if you are a two people household, composting can still work. For a larger household, composting may get pretty overwhelming because if you do not have enough plants, youll probably have more compost than you can use. Thirdly, Meat and dairy cant go in the compost. What about them?

This is where an insinkerator comes in.

But what’s wrong with the traditional system of garbage send offs?

The problem with waste is, out of 62,000,000 tons of waste generated in India, only 68% of it is collected. And out of that only 26% is treated. Which is alarming.

Secondly, the percentage of food waste alone is 54% which is massive. And contrary to what you think- that food waste go to landfill and turns into amazing nutrient rich soil, it doesnt. It actually produces methane gas which is far more harmful than CO2.

And why does that happen? Because food waste in landfills decompose in a far more anaerobic environement that does not favour natural biological activity. Plus, rotting food also contributes to leachate, an acidic liquid residue that can seep into and contaminate ground water

An in-sink waste management however breaks food particles (Yes, including bones- except clams and crab shells) into tiniest pieces and liquidizes it. Which is then carried away through the pipes that lead to the city water treatment plant. Clearly the better alternative.

At this point, allow me to tell you how an insinkerator kitchen waste disposer works

An InSinkErator® garbage disposal is a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to sending leftovers to landfills. Plus, capable wastewater treatment plants can even recycle food scraps into energy and fertilizer. All you need to do is get in touch with them and understand which waste disposal system will be perfect for your home. From buying to installation, Insinkerator helps you with everything along with the fact that if your machine faulters while in the warranty period, Insinkerator replaces the entire machine and does not repair it. Which tells me two things at the outset-

a. they are very confident about what they do

b. they understand their customers.

And both of which are a good thing.

I tried the demo out and spoke to the lovely people at Emerson who are spearheading Insinkerator in India and I absolutely loved how easy it is to use. Turn on the faucet, turn on the insinkerator button, add food scraps, let it go (like your ego)- turn off the insinkerator- turn off the faucet. Fin!

But hey, hey, what about water waste?

InSinkErator uses only 1% or less of a households total water consumption and about 50 rupees a year in electric usage. That’s one idli bruh!

So lets do the cost shall we?

1 packet of garbage bag costs 90 rupees. It has 25 medium bags. So for an year you will need garbage bag worth rs. 1314, with an estimate of 3.6 rs/day. In turn, you will have smelly dustbin, plastic dump, methane gas rotting the environment and yes, nosy pets fishing out fish bones. You may also need much more when you have parties at yours.

As for the insinkerator, the cheapest ones come for 18000 with a 2 year warranty & the highest one comes with a price range of Rs 67,990 with 6 years warranty. That’s 25 bucks/day. Plus, you will help reduce landfill, you will save the space for one dustbin, you will have no problems whatsoever when pets are concerned and eventually save the world.


My question is, if you decide to save money, where will you spend it, if the world doesnt exist?

And I am not even trying to sell

I hardly ever go to launch events simply because in most cases I barely have much to soak or contribute. But for this, I braved a torrential rain and went to Mulund at 1 pm in the afternoon because this is important. As a community we need to be a little more responsible about our consumption and waste habit and this is a great leap towards responsible garbage disposal. Believe me, its only a matter of time you’ll see the aftermath of a massively irresponsible populace and of which- somewhere- I am guilty too.

Check it out. Go check it out. Better than buying a gold coin. At this point in time.

Here’s where you can buy it

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