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As for me, I closed my Paint cans and ventured a lil’ into the wild side- by wild I mean lots and lots of wires, crystals, chains, pliers, scissors and jump rings. The crafty Indian in me has awakened and I have made quite a couple of earrings, as if by some fashion frenzy. Not that they are not excellent or anything but as my first, I can live with it!

Behold my first 2 hand made earrings- The first, I’m calling Intimate and the second “The mariner’s date”- the tutorials of which follows!


Materials: Copper wire wound in a pencil and taken to free form with hoop on one end

Amber colored crystal attached with copper strings

Price on Etsy: 2$ if you’d like to buy

How to make your own:

Take a thin pencil and your choice of wire (I used a flattened one)

Wound one end to the end of the pencil and give it about 3-4 turns on the first.

Now take the free end and either wound it in rounds or go whimsical

Make sure to keep about 3″ free on one end for the hoop

Turn the free end in a U and there you have it!

 “The Mariner’s Date” – the one that got sold almost instantly!

Materials: Stainless steel chain links & Amber crystal

Price on Etsy: 2$

How to make your own:

Surprisingly easy to make, this would involve a little bit of chain links and two teeny jump rings.

Start with the jump rings. Stud amber crystal in both and with the help of a plier, turn the free end into a circle. This can be opened a bit later to attach.

Cut chain links in equal lengths and by cutting I mean with a plier, loosen up one link and take the interlinking chain attached to it, in a length of your choice out. We need 2 chain links of same length.

Now, assemble.

Loosen the steel noose of the jump rings crystals and attach it to chain. Pinch the open noose to secure

Loosen the top most link of the chain and attach it to a store bought earring hook


NOTE: I have used crystals, you can use beads, pearls or any drop you fancy!

If anyone’s interested to buy, I have put both up for sale on my etsy shop. Also, 1 piece of “Intimate” earring is reserved for Michele from HellolovelyInc.- Happy 25th Anniversary dear friend! May you live to love a 100 years.


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