Afternoon lovelies.

It’s 3:06 here in India, lunch has been had, the air-conditioner is making me sleepy, I’m at work but I have no work so yeah, perfect time to blog about a recent addition in my wanna be beach home- a super white, chippy little beachy planter that’s gracing my end table at the mo!

But she was not a beautiful beachy planter when I found her. When she was rescued day before yesterday evening, she was just a scared tattered, beaten, battered and sad with time nail box. I wonder how many tears she’s shed!

So I picked her up and fixed her up.

First, she needed to be washed. That evil carpenter kept her under shackles in a dim corner, unwashed, unfed. Here she is~

She was numbered – 922! God only knows what evil number that is.

After a good wash, it was time for some for some body polishing and nutrition-WP (White paint. Ya, you guessed it right)

I gave it a good sanding and 3 coats of paint, white, beach blue and white again. I let it rest for 2 days and sanded again to chip.

Step next was a message I’d like to have.

I taped two sides to keep my alphabets in line and wrote: “Nurture”. I wanted to write “Beach” or something beach house but somehow the word nurture really appealed to me. Or maybe its the subtle quality, the attribute I’m intrigued about. What may look like a lifeless bean is actually an entire tree- all it needs is suitable conditions or nourishment. We are but a clump of cells if not for the nourishment of our our mother’s womb which put life onto our wee bones. The barren open plot opposite my window is now full of trees- it’s been raining for a while. The monsoons nourished the grounds. I keep looking out at the field everyday and each day i see something new. It’s a miniature ecology system, mushrooming right infront of my eyes. Today I saw 3 marigold plants in full bloom. Who put them there? The wind. Who nourished them? The earth. It’s magic. I sound like I’m stoned, but I am not. We see a lot of things everyday but we don’t look. If you look carefully, you’ll see tiny developments in everything, everyday and it will befuddle you. That magic within that makes it happen is “nurture”.

Once everything was completely dry, I sprayed it with a coat with clear varnish and let it dry for another 6 hours before planting the shade loving coleus! Love the bright red leaf with green rims + it takes one very little to keep them happy!

So, what do you all think? I’m going to heaven or no?

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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13 thoughts on “DIY: Beachy Planter from nail box & Tropical House plants”

  1. totally going to heaven. i love the box. both before and after. and i love how you’ve labeled it. it’s such a beautiful meaningful word that calms me.

    love to you.


      1. This has been on my mind ever since you posted it. I will be giving the same treatment to an old scale I found up in the attic a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to see if it comes out as pretty as your beachy planter did; I want to use it as a plant holder thingy – I’ll surely post about it on my blog.

        1. Fantastic! Now I can’t wait to see your planter and how it comes out. You know, I figured that if you want to distress, don’t use a primer. I know its technically wrong but take it from me. Best of luck and I know it will turn out brilliant.

  2. You are always so creatively creative. I would of used the box to hold a plant outside, but you on the other hand made something so much more beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

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