You can turn your bathroom into that perfect Home Spa and you wouldn’t need much. Add in a few luxurious accessories, your favourite aromas in forms of bath salt, bath bombs, shower bombs and bathroom scent and add soothing colours that helps you unwind and relax. And can you do it for any bathroom? The answer is yes. You can do it to any bathroom – whether big or small, owned or rented apartment and big or small budget. All you’ll need in here is a bit of muscle power and these 5 tips.

You know, much as I am a home body, I am a bathroom body. Haha, is there a word as such? Who cares. I can spend hours on end in the bathroom listening to a few good songs, watching videos and soaking away. Like if there was a scope, I would drink and eat in the bathroom too dunking myself in lavender bath salt! Really, a bathroom is your own peaceful retreat in its truest sense and you’ll be surprised to find how little it takes to turn your everyday bathroom routine into a home spa. The festive is season here and I thought I’ll share how I turned my guest bath around to get a stylish and yet affordable spa like atmosphere with you, so you could too if you wanted. I have also listed my product details and plants.

Here we go!

5 ways to turn your Bathroom into a Home Spa

1. Declutter

The first step to a wonderful bathroom is decluttering. You cannot have a relaxing, home spa if your bathroom is dirty and drowning in toiletries. Keep what you need. An that alone is half the work done.

2. Organize

I have seen a lot of people crowd the wash basin area with toiletries. And not to forget, hang towels behind the bathroom door. Honestly, there are far better ways to get this done if you ask me. Keep a basket below your basin for used towels, invest in a small closet that you can hang in your bathroom or get a removable wardrobe made of waterproof wood to fit your basin. You can also have open shelves installed in your bathroom. Or if you want something quick and cheap, a ladder does the work just fine.

A lot of Indian bathrooms have buckets, and so do we. But we can have good looking buckets right? Or colour coordinated ones?

3. Update your towels and rugs

Nothing like a good fluffy bath rug to rest your feet or a set of soft, luxurious towels to wrap up after. These honestly are key for creating a home spa feel and you should totally look into this. This year, I did invest a little in towels- all from Indulgeville. They have the softest towels ever and I got in a Grey linen towel, a pale green thick “Thirsty” towel {ooh, this puffs up with every wash} and a cute beach towel made of 100% Egyptian cotton as well.

In all my honesty, the towels are so freaking brilliant! Specially the grey one. It’s fine linen on one side and terry cotton on the other which is specially good for soft absorption. And it’s not heavy at all, making it perfect for people who prefer thin towels. It also makes a wonderful prop for me- so winning! As for the thirsty {let’s just call it thirsty from here on?} it’s a super duper thick 800 GSM {which a 100 GSM more than any towel available in India} towel which begs you cave in and stay there. Like a cocoon! God I love these towels.

By the way, if you are picking up a towel by “By Adab” you can get it monogrammed for free. I chanced upon them while browsing indulgeville and they are one of the finest makers of bed and bath linen.

And the most important thing ever about these towels are its colours. No lines, no stripes no dizzy shades, none. Grey, pales, beige and navy- that in its own right become a part of Home Spa. Head to indulgeville to see their range of bath products- I think I am almost steering towards grabbing a bath robe. Cotton and modal makes it soft while they are insanely lightweight making them perfect to carry with you in your travels. And it comes in a lovely shawl collar. Gosh, dying and crying. Some one please save me. I am having a good fabric coma.

4. Add in your favourite scents

Nothing makes your bathroom more inviting that a welcoming scent! I think the rejuvenation happens right there, the minute you step in the bathroom. So go on and add in soaps, shampoos and essentials in your bath that gives you a bit of aroma therapy. Make sure to add in a reed diffuser that works very well with closed areas. Also invest in a few aroma oils that you can add to your bath water for smelling amazing even post bath. I have a bottle of lavender and tea tree always at my disposal.

5. Get in a sliver of nature

Houseplants and fresh flowers are my favourite ways to create that Home Spa ish feel in my bathroom. It instantly turns the scenary into a more comfortable and tranquil one. Plus there are plants that absorbs bad air and keeps air fresh too! I keep a pothos, a snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue and a succulent bush on the window sill and shelf of my bathroom! I intend to do my master bath {somehow planning to keep that out, which is never happening} sometime this year and I am looking at plants from ceilings. The whole point is to have a serene and relaxing feel and nothing does it better than plants.

Try these 5 steps out for that most effortless Home Spa and make your guests and yourself feel amazing. It’s just September, there is still some time to save and indulge!

Off to take some Home Spa time eh!

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