Festive decor. You know, I have to admit that I never quite got flustered or the whole panic associated with this word. But I know a lot of people who do; would and for all the right reasons. It’s peer pressure + no time + the want to make your space look fresh and festive- it’s not easy. But you know what? It is if you know the hacks. The fundamental rule lies in two things. One, give yourself 15 minutes of time 3 weeks before the main festivity starts. Two, reuse before you buy.

It’s no secret that I grew up in a home that took pride in keeping the decor aesthetically appealing. But I remember seeing my mom spend hours at the upholster trying to get things done before Durga Puja. I mean with three kids who were not very easy I am sure this was difficult. But honestly, some of moms endeavours were purely hideous. Those were also the days we were subjected to some terrible “Mix bhaji” or mixed vegetables that was essentially just leftover vegetables from a hundred years. Hahaha, and matching clothes for my sister and me. Like I’d rather have old curtains than eat that and wear those It’s crazy. The same runs with my sister and aunts. When it comes to festive decor, they all have 0 chills. And the worst is, because they must buy something “different” and “new”, they’d buy just about anything. Then they’d sit and try to “match” things up with what they have bought. From festive decor it quickly becomes fret-tive decor, and under the sheer pressure of making our homes look pretty we sort of make a lot of hurried, wrong decisions or worse, compromises.

Case in point: Don’t Panic. Pick a day well in advance, sit down with a book and pen {I promise it’ll take you only 15 minutes} and decide how you want your home to look during the festive season. Then pull out what you already have first to see how you can use them. And only after then grab a few things that you’ll need to pull the look together. This is the correct order and not the other way round. And if you cannot do any of that, just follow my blog from now on! It’ll have a whole lot of tips that you can use. Simplest.

This season, I have taken upon myself to do two things with my Festive Decor

1. Pump up white as a colour that screams festive.

Because honestly, I am a little shy of colour! And what’s with this notion of white being a “non-happy” colour that irks me to my bone. It’s the happiest colour on earth and it opens so much possibility. So yeah, that’s my personal agenda this festive season. It’s a different thing to like colour and another to say white is boring. Ofcourse white is boring. White is actually anything but boring

2. Reuse everything that I have and make it work for me through out the festive season

From Durga Puja and Diwali to New Year through Christmas. Using a Teapot 3 ways is the first of them! I am going to use 1 teapot through out the festive season for multiple settings and it’ll never seem out of place. If you want to get in some easy peasy Festive Decor in your home without much brouhaha, here’s the first set of hacks.

How To Use a teapot 3 Festive ways this season

Use teapots as vase

Since losing my beautiful teapot to my maid {who broke it and tucked it away nicely somewhere behind the shelf because I always use the enamelware} I have been on the hunt for one perfect teapot. Found it in Shopper’s Stop in Vashi and I cannot be any more happy! It’s perfect. The shape, the colour, the make and the classic spout- it’s really the “all I ever wanted” kinda teapot. Just in case you’d want it online, here is the link. It’s some 700 bucks but it’s now on discount and you get it for like 489/- rupees. Seriously, go buy. That’s a good buy. I am an old, vintage soul so I like a bit of classic spout and all. If you are more on the modern side, there’s a lovely one with marbled texture {which I was eyeing too}

Teapots make for the most versatile vase and preps up your space immediately. On a stack of books for your coffee table, on your dining table, with an alarm clock on your bedside, atop a fridge- just add it! Pair it with a few candles for that festive look!

Use Teapots in Vignettes

This festive season, add depth in your home with pretty vignettes. When it comes to festive decor, it’s not just the curtains and wall paints. It’s almost, always the little things. Take a look at your corners and jazz them up. Even with very non festive curtains and upholstery, you can create a festive look, if you look into sparkling up the little corners. I always have a stack of book handy for that quick vignetting.

And if I were to put this in a formula it’ll look like: Books + Teapot + candles + a few vintage boxes = Vignette win. Use the formula for your coffee tables and see the difference.

Use it as a part of your dining table decor

Remember how I told you its about the little things? Give your breakfast table that festive touch too! Add in a tray, a plant and a teapot and voila! In my house we always have tea in teapot. It’s that one extra step from the gas to the table but the feel is many fold. It’s not always the decor but how you make people feel and a good tea from a pretty teapot with good company is definitely festive hygge!

Alternatively, if you have some more time in your hands, you can drill cups to a teapot and turn it to a lamp, cut out a portion and do a terrarium or hang it by your balcony with some festive lights and air plants! What I told you above in my blog are the simplest of ideas that’ll take very little of your time and effort, and yet be a part of the festive decor you are trying to achieve.

Need more ideas with slightly difficulty level? Write to me! Meanwhile, check Shopper’s Stop out for pretty cool stuff. Specially now that there is a discount. No seriously. Check them out. The home section is pretty far out.

Off now. You all have a great evening.

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