I am not a Luxury linen person in general. Okay, maybe a semi luxury linen person; a thrifty one trying to get the best deals out of everything when it comes to Home Decor. But you know there is something about great fabric that jellies my leg from time to time. That dreamy smoothness, the breathability of 100% natural fiber and the thought of sleeping on a bedspread which is painstakingly created and crafted with precision sort of gives me that decorgasm. It’s Nobu’s Sushi for a food blogger if I put it this way!

Or maybe it’s the festive season that sort of nudges me to indulge a little. I guess this is the very point of festivities to begin with. To believe that we deserve to feel the best that the world has to offer and have a good time. To reinstate our love for life; our faith in all things beautiful. Eitherways, I am sold on Indulgeville!

Hello Indulgeville, where were you all my life?

Last week I met Indulgeville{hello internet, you have been the best thing ever. Also I meet pillows and towels and talk to them} and I instantly fell in love with their splendid store. No garish prints, no colours that’ll make me dizzy, no polymers that I will cringe at and no aesthetic heartbreaks- just beautiful, indulgent, luxurious bedding, bath and baby essentials that screams comfort and class. And I know you know I am a huge fan of both!

Think prints on the likes of English roses and Kensingtons on gorgeous Egyptian cotton and Merino wool that feels like heaven against your skin. And I can say that for sure because I couldn’t resist calling in for a few pieces for myself.

This also sort of got me into thinking that they’ll make such beautiful gifts for people you love. Again, I am not the type to give you that mandatory something because I have to. And because people like the former exist that I have gotten misshapen bowls, cheap blankets and water fountains. In my last blog post I told you how terrariums {from The Bloomerie} make such wonderful gifts. But if you are not into gifting plants, you might want to have a look at this. Gift once, gift something that they will remember you for- forever. Don’t be a storage burden!

Anyway, coming back to remembrance, Indulgeville is the only online destination in India that exclusively houses premium luxury brands like Peter Reed, John Atkinson, Jude Australia and By ADAB.

But you’ll be like, hey, we’ve never even heard of these

Well, that’s probably because it was way out of our reach! The ones who know actually knew all along about these luxury linen outfits, let alone the Royal Palace of England. I kid you not. Peter Reed by appointment of Her Majesty manufactures luxury linen for the Royal Palace of England and presidential suites in notable hotels since 1861, and you’ll find the Royal stamp on their website as well. As for Aden + Anais, spot their baby blanket in the Duchess of Cambridge or Kate Middleton’s hand wrapping a wee George!

But then news is news and what I see is real! So yesterday I opened a package of Aden + Anais and ran a hand. Oh my! It’s like cloud. No, seriously. It’s like cloud. Soft, plush and absolutely huggable. Best part is it comes in three very delicious pastel shades which you will fall in love with. No wonder the line is called Little Indulgence!

Almost getting carried away here and I haven’t even got to the bed spreads, bath and blankets.

Marking the difference: Through Materials, Collections and Patterns

Indulgeville boasts of premium luxury materials that by its name is enough! Merino wool, Cashmere and 100% lamb’s wool graces the woolen section while 100% Egyptian Cotton and Eucacel makes up IV’s bed section. While you probably have heard of Egyptian Cotton in premium ads, Eucacel is a natural fiber derived from the regenerated wood pulp of the Eucalyptus Tree.

Eucacel is patented by By ADAB- an outfit known worldwide for its cotton bedding, and ones who have been supplying to leading hotels and celebrity homes, is also available exclusively at Indulgeville. Look them up. They are pretty unreal!

As for it’s bath range, Indulgeville trusts brands that exclusively manufactures with Egyptian Cotton and Turkish cottons. Had the opportunity to try their Kassatex towel and I swear I could have lived in it for a hundred years. Hung it up on my bathroom ladder and it also made a pretty picture.

Coming to collections, you’ll find them neatly grouped under bed, bath, baby and blankets and quilts. The search is yours for taking. But what I am really, really loving about Indulgeville is its choice of colour and patterns. Someone wrote on twitter the other day, “Is it this difficult to find a good white bedsheet?” Someone tagged me on her post because I dabble with whites and that’s how I know of it. Honestly, it is! We are deprived of graceful basics, what’s with the whole hysteria with colours. When it comes to great, great basics, we are never “spoilt for choice”. Until now that is! Indulgeville’s entire website on the other hand is a visual treat. And they are so darn festive! Clad in soft shades that are gorgeous and yet sublime; striking and yet not dizzyingly demanding, thoughtfully created and yet not a desperate attempt to prove that with patterns- it’s difficult to choose just one! Finally there is a good kind of dilemma.

And Indulgeville not just houses splendid prints but also embroidered luxury bed linen- you could either choose from the existing designs or customize your own under “Bespoke”.

Know what I am thinking? Next birthday present. Perhaps! See, celebratory right from the very thought! I think it has to do the luxury of it all and when I say luxury I say in its most superlative form. The spreads, patterns, prints and materials are so plush that it itself becomes a celebration.

And I know what you will think next!

Luxury Linen is expensive

Some are. Some are very within our reach or as good as a dinner bill. But the ones that are expensive are very deservingly so. The ones that are expensive comes with a promise to stay with you for generations. Ones that’ll become heirloom. Like your grandma’s wedding gown or your engagement ring! We need to break this mindset here in India you know. That it’s just a bedsheet. It’s not! It’s Luxury linen and it’s not just for you. Luxury linen is for generations to come. Luxury linen is for those special occasions as well as times to make the everyday beautiful. It’s for radiating warmth. So rise above “just bedsheets”. Appreciate the finer things of life. Because God made Egyptian cotton for you to indulge.

Leaving you with a wonderful website to ponder on.


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  1. The first line actually hooked me. Although, these luxury brand looks like distance dream but it is an everyday dream. Or, that experience makes you dreamy every day. Couple of this products by Indulgeville are must must have!

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