In 1842 a Botanist named Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward accidentally left one of his study jar open. A fern spore fell in it, germinated and grew onto become a lovely little plant. Nathaniel saw tremendous opportunity here, and the trend quickly spread in an Victorian England. Back then, it began to be known as the “Wardian Case”.

History has it that these terrariums helped Nathaniel transport many different species of plant to Australia without damaging them! Many moons later, Terrarium gets its due recognition, thanks to decor bloggers and decor enthusiasts all around the world. And while the trend itself may be a few years old, it was difficult for folks here in Mumbai to lay their hands on one. Thanks to The Bloomerie that’s ticked off as well!

About The Bloomerie: The succulent star, mother of Terrarium, creative genius, first of her kind

Naini Shah spearheads The Bloomerie, Mumbai and I’ve heard her Malabar Hill apartment is like a paradise! That she has a wonderful overhead garden above her bar that lets you pick fresh herbs for the cocktails. Coming from her, you’d trust what she is doing! The Bloomerie is Naini’s own way of bombing the world with wonderful things- think terrariums, DIY seed planting kits and custom wardian cases {I cant get over this word} that reflect one’s personality. She also kindly does terrarium for occasion- her terrariums for birth announcements & baby showers acually made me want to have a baby. Or adopt. Or borrow. Borrow is best.

A graphic designer by profession and a graduate of Singapore Art School, Naini studied creative entrepreneurship in ISDI Parsons, Mumbai & Naini’s green designs sort of speaks for itself. You know, it’s never that hurriedly put plant in a box and sent over. It’s rather detailed. If you work with her on a custom piece, you’ll know how much she puts in the terrarium. I recently had a chance to and I love how she completely did justice to my story in that little, hexagonal green box.

I had a chance to work with her recently: I wanted her to make me a terrarium that tells my story. Of how I came into Mumbai and found solace in a tiny sea spot and life changed there after. And she made a terrarium that actually reminds me of the transition. There’re tiny pine trees that reminds me of back home, there is a white fence and a white house {oooh, self explanatory}, there is a little flamingo on a bed of shiny blue sand that is well…calling me to buy that beach house finally!

She just concreted my beach house dreams. Every morning, I wake up, I see my terrarium in my balcony and I remember why I started blogging to begin with. It’s hope in a jar bro. It’s me in a jar.

Each terrarium comes with care manual, a dropper and The Bloomerie’s lovely tag that my cat destroyed even before I could photograph. He found it really charming and ran away with it. They are leprechauns though. Once they’ve taken your stuff, you’ll never quite find them. Unless you remove the bed.

Why should you gift a Terrarium this festive season

At the very onset, they are a fresh change to water fountains, sweets and cheap clothes and even bouquets.

Secondly, you’d want to give something nice and something that only becomes more beautiful with time

Thirdly, it can be customized which means it’s not just a “gift” but a thoughtful and intimate gift to the person you are gifting it to!

And fourthly, they are bomb. Keep it on your coffee table and that alone makes for its decor. Add it to your balcony for some funk, keep it at your bathroom for some green love {money plants are not passe but this is so in}

The festive season is upon us and I’d totally tell you to consider stuff that’s worth giving. Terrariums by The The Bloomerie is certainly one of them. You can follow them on instagram or Facebook to see their range of greens and order. Naini hand picks and makes them herself so please allow some time. What’s rushed can never be this beautiful!

Thank you Naini for this. I love it to the succulent!

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