Wingback chair, UrbanLadder cushions and loads of coffee! And I am saying all of it with a sigh and a swoon as I would, Ryan Gosling. If you love a good wingback chair in your life and are interested in how to give it a makeover and layer it with cushions like pro, hop on in. I’m talking fabric choices, cushion layering technique and my best cushion picks from UrbanLadder.

Wingback Chair 1

Really, for as long as I can remember, I wanted a wingback chair {or chairs, thank you} and it was a dream moment to have found one for as low as $15 or 1000 Rupees. You know, I don’t expect people to understand this kind of love affair. It’s a bit weird to buy a chair with the money one’s been meaning to use for something more significant like a salon visit or a good pair of denims…but when I see a good piece of furniture, my priorities immediately get segregated in my head, putting that piece of furniture on #1. This Wingback chair wasn’t even in my to buy list in April and I would have had none had I not taken a walk that evening. In fact I was walking to check the clothes on the export shops out when I spotted this. Haha, surely I came home with a Wingback chair and no new clothes which was actually on my list. Allow me to show you though in what condition I found it.

Wingback chair 6

Yes, that is the exact condition of how this lady {Lucy, that’s her name} was sobbing by the sidewalk in a cruel man’s shop {The man was extremely nice. Exaggerations done for dramatic purposes only} until she came home with me to become the swan that she is from her bones. My husband and a friend joked about how it looks like a chair picked up from the sets of a 90’s Ramsay Horror movie. Hahaha, they also expressed how I’d wake up in the middle of the night to find Annabelle sitting on it. These guys crack me up ya…Really funny lot I tell you!

But obviously being the blunt right brains that they are, they didn’t quite acknowledge the visions of this renegade homedecor blogger. I didn’t pay a dime’s worth attention as you can see- I was ready for Annabelle and Mummy and Annabelle’s daughter too!

Silliness aside, I gave it a dry dust, sanded it down {level 10 difficulty- thanks to its extensive curves and carvings} brushed it with two coats of Asian Paints Apcolite Water Based Emulsion and let it dry for about a day {Comment for paint details and I’ll tell you}

Wingback Chair

After the coats were dry, I hired a guy to help me with the upholstering: unlike most times I couldn’t do this on my own! I have a full time job to go to and this required intricate stitching in which I’m plain rubbish. Linen made it a little difficult to work with- specially because we didn’t know you need to keep some loose yards so it doesn’t stretch and ladder but eventually we figured that out.

Next, I distressed it a bit from sides and the carvings and there it was- the wingback chair of my dreams! Annabelle and Ramsay Horror movie Free!

But hey, it still needed some cushion lovin!

{Enter UrbanLadder, like the Dragon}

When I first photographed it, I paired the chair with a French farmhouse look alike cushion that I made from dusters. It looked quite swell as is to be honest. But tell you what, I wanted something more for this setting. Shabby chic French farmhouse is my comfort zone. I wanted to get out of it. I wanted to play with some colour- something that adds a bit of energy, some life, some zing, some city pop, and something that can be called ‘Global Indian’. But then again, I wanted something that’s not over the top. Something that gets your attention not because it’s garish but rather a piece or two that demands your attention because it’s subtly gorgeous.

Best part is, I already had something on my mind.

Wingback Chair 8

Truth be told, I’ve been eyeing these cushions for a while now- way cool that I found the most perfect setting to justify the buy and also highlight the colours and the prints of the cushion. I wanted to get in some cool blues {its 50000 degrees outside} and the Lizette and Charbagh just does it for me.

The ink blue of the lattice and the light turquoise of the floral with hints of red and yellow binds all that white and linen into a look that’s fresh and seems pulled in while not taking an ounce away from the gorgeous chair. This is what I call Ideal! Take a look for yourself, this is how they look together now! I have an ivory cushion (solid) too from UrbanLadder that I keep handy in case I want another layer or I am taking the shawl away!

Hey, trumatter of house Wingback chair, how did you even arrive at these print pairing decisions?

Though I have done an extensive and exclusive post on how to layer fabric, prints and patterns, I’ll still give you a quick guide to get it right every time. The trick is to keep these 3 broad groups in mind and choose one from each group.

a. geometric {Lizette in this case}

b. solids {Tito, Ivory in this case}

c. organic/florals {Charbagh in this case}

Start with your favorite piece and highlight with cushions which complement the main piece and contrasts the pattern type. Here’s an upclose look at the 3 cushions.


Because I was styling a Wingback chair and I had quite some space, I chose one of each broad pattern to complete the look. Likey?

And now to a couple of my favorite cushion patterns from UrbanLadder, and what you might see in my home in the coming months.

My 2 Top Cushion Picks From UrbanLadder

So, you know, I’ve been making some plans for a certain corner of my home and I am in head over heels with these cushion covers from UL. I am telling you this so you might find the links handy when you want and in case you want to consider!

Urban Ladder Cushion

Lately I have been head over heels in love with Justina Blakeney and her #jungalow style designs and I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate the philosophy in pale shades: These two are going to be my wingmen in my new project. Just to give you a headsup, #jungalow style captures the essence of eclectic homedecor with a generous dose of apartment jungle or indoor and outdoor plants. Look up on it, it’s amazing!

Here are the links to the above cushions, should you want to check it out

Tuluka (blue)

Buxa (Green)

For now, I’m off for the day! I hope you all enjoyed the makeover and the pairing? Give me a shoutout if you have.

Coffee Now, later home and calling in a birthday party! I

Toodles then xo


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