Summer home, pretty flowers and farmhouse style floral arrangement is what we are talking today and it’s a nice chilled pretty Friday, here in Mumbai. Oh, please don’t get me wrong. It is unbearably hot here in Mumbai and it’s probably chilled because I am bang below the AC blasting a cool 19. But what I really mean by chill is “aaj kaam nahi hai”. Or to translate, there isn’t much work in office today, there isn’t much to do at home either and I plan on going for a walk- my first ever and then drink some beer and chocolate cake for dinner. Yin-yang yo! Haven’t heard? Today is a breather day and I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this. Thought of blogging a bit without mandates and get in some quintessential trumatter style topic digression for you today: you know…rant meets easy summer home hacks and those kinda stuff. Jump in if you’re in a mood for some philosophical bs ๐Ÿ˜€


So, lately I have been thinking of cutting a couple of people loose. {Haha, here she goes taking a w turn from her summer home discussions} Ofcourse, by that I necessarily don’t mean I never want to see them again- no, that’s so very second standard! of course not. What I mean is I think I’ll pull myself away a bit for a while. {Hey, what happened to the summer home and farmhouse stuff} Hahahaha,’s not that graveย as it sounds but I’ll try and express.

Thing is, firstly I think I have no right to ask people to be who they are not and it’ll be difficult to be who I am not in front of them- and together, it’s coffee and chilli powder ๐Ÿ˜€

Secondly, I think 2 is a company, 3 is a company too but 10 is definitely society- about which I no longer care. Just think of it this way: I want to spend some quality time with a few loved ones because it makes a lot more sense in this juncture of life.

I don’t need unnecessary negativity, I don’t need to feel like I am a bad person, I don’t need to think of someone as a friend who lashes it out on me for calling the said person a name that the said person is known for and gives me sentences like, “You have to earn my friendship to call me that” I refuse to earn anybody’s friendship if we aren’t friends already. I am 30, my friends are made ๐Ÿ˜€

Summer home 3Oh and I am definitely planning on getting out of whatsapp groups. Dear god! The unending, senseless conversation that I somehow get to be a part of makes me feel really weird about myself. And since when did this become a social pressure? Why am I rude to be out of a digital group? I’ll love to cook for you and have a drink or catch up. I’d love to spend the Christmas with you or go some place but spare me the horror of being constantly abuzzed by your every minute spontaneity. For that there is Twitter and if I must hear out someone’s spontaneous thoughts, it will be wordsworth.

I have a very cool husband who keeps me on my toes too if you ask spontaneity. So, yeah some space please for good time’s sake. I really want to read some this year, finally learn the violin, do more stints with summer homes, travel a bit and get out of that bloody phone.

Gosh I feel so good now that I have vent it out. Like my body temperature dropped by 12 degrees straight.


Anyway, now that I have, I feel good enough to discuss the wee bits and bobs of what goes into making that perfect farmhouse floral arrangement- so if you are looking at creating a rustic, simple farm house style arrangement to keep through out your home, here are your check points. But before that, a quick fresher on what’s farmhouse style:

Farmhouse style is a typical American ranch/Farmhouse style decor that highlights the simple details of your house. Classic and comforting, farmhouse style is a style that mimics the home and decor style of a simpler time, brought in together by large porches, inherited furniture, pale colours and rustic-hewn finishes. Think of it as an eazy breezy reflective style that nudges you to relax even if you don’t have 10 acres, 20 cows, 5 horses and a border collie. It’s really all about the bare simplicity and how to highlight it to give you that farmhouse freedom.

Summer Home 2

How To Make A Farmhouse Floral Arrangement for a gorgeous summer home

  1. Vintage glass bottles, tincans, old crates or old aluminum dispensers- they all make for fabulous vases. The simpler it is, the better it is. If you have an old beer bottle, you can use that too
  2. The trick to get that perfect rustic, farmhouse bouquet is foliage. When you add flowers, it is best to leave a few leaves on the stem
  3. Length: Let your flowers have long stem and let them droop fashionably. Let a few flowers fall here and there just as they would in a porch. You want an unkempt look but one that is fashionably unkempt.
  4. Use local flowers with leaves. Look around you- the earth is brimming with flowers and foliage that are just as gorgeous as your 10 bucks a piece rose. Plus, roses if kept in bunches without leaves et all can become very boring and commercial looking. You don’t want that. You want a homely feel to your bouquet. Collect seasonal flowers and leaves from your area and stack them instead- that’s real farmhouse.
  5. Say no to shine unless its an old mercury glass. Anything modern and shiny will mar your farmhouse style decor. Why? Because it might be modern but it’s not weathered with time. It’s not raw or rustic or reminds you of a thing that can lie around in a farm.

That’s it. Bam! Follow these 5 little tips and you’ll be able to create majestic looking pieces that’ll take you straight to the simple countryside pleasures. A lot of you email me about the floral arrangements and how I make them look so good- well that’s how. By being the thrifty chick that I am ๐Ÿ˜›


It’s Friday night in here. I am on my beer {which I will probably change to a farmhouse vase} and I wish you all a happy happy weekend. If you have read my rants- forgive me. This is a decor blog where in I was supposed to show you snippets of my summer home, I know. But if you agree, do let me know that you do.

Off for now,

Nomoshkar! XO

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