Homedecor talks are on your cards says your astro guru this day, and you will gain a lot of DIY insights from this one blogger called Trumatter. There will be a lot of re-purposing talks that you must listen to carefully {On the likes of turning earrings to throw tassels and doormats to wall rugs} and in the end you will come out homedecor victorious with two ideas that are totally in your budget.

Haha, So follow your homedecor loger today and hop on in. I’ll show you how to re-purpose bohemian pompom earrings and a fox doormat as throw tassels and wall rug respectively- both from Krafted With Happiness – an uber chic fashion & accessory brand founded by power designer duo Parul and Anushri.

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A mason jar story

I first came across Krafted With happiness when I was {madly} looking for blue mason jars. Trust me! If you are a homedecor person/blogger you’ll know the fight in finding a good mason jar, at a price that will make you happy. I mean 1000 bucks for 1 mason jar? Seriously it is a scandal for crying out loud- not that I can afford that kind of luxury anyway.

But this is before these very cool guys introduced their range of mason jars for 599 or 499- I am not too sure. Trust me! I was so happy to have finally found a mason jar at a fair price that I almost, instinctively ordered them. Might have instgrammed and oohed and ahhed too 😛 with messages like God bless the duo.

I’ve been in touch with the Krafted With Happiness guys through instagram and facebook since, and it’s an absolute pleasure to introduce them today to you all, on trumatter.

Seriously though, I am not a fashion person but I absolutely adore their bohemian range of earrings that brings in pompoms, mirrors and gold beads to a whimsical mix. If I was half as good looking as my home, I would’ve worn them and shown you but I guess I’ll let my home do the honors. You know, to do justice to a fabulous handmade earring and to save you from the horror of seeing me do fashion. Oh and they’ve recently introduced more mason jars with labels and apartment chic doormats: from owl, moustache and fox, mr. fox is my favourite!

Off to the Doormat to Wall Rug DIY then?

Trumatter x Krafted With Happiness

I love Scandinavian designs and aesthetic and I love the minimal animal wall arts and rugs that typically adorn Scandinavian/Norwegian homes. Nothing but a foxy little wall art on a plain white wall, and there you have it! Your entire homedecor in one master stroke. So, so smashing! people who follow me closely {and one who’ve been listening to my rants} know that I’ve been on the hunt for a good piece of wall art like that for a while now- who knew I’d find it in a doormat.

I know, I know. You’d go like, hey but that’s a door mat. Agree. But tell me, if i didn’t tell you that it is, would you be able to figure out that it is not? See thats the thing. I think we are too bound by purpose when it comes to homedecor or anything in general. A doormat has to be a doormat, a chair has to be a chair and a pickle jar needs to have pickle in it. Question is why? My whole point in doing this post is to show you how to push the boundaries when it comes to homedecor and how to unlearn the purpose of common things and re-purpose them into something more meaningful, something more beautiful. A doormat to a wall rug and earrings as tassels for example!

In My opinion, the fox mat is quite the stunner as a wall rug. No?

How to make it? Just sew a small loop behind {a little below the rim so its not visible} and hang it from a nail. That’s it!

Trumatter x Krafted With Happiness 2

Honestly, I think if not anyone, Mr.Fox sure appreciates this new form. Who likes to look at the ceiling all day? The hall with a TV is definitely a better view 😉

#DIY Anthropologie Style PomPom Rug

My next repurpose is a tassel throw with Krafted With Happiness Pompom “Pop Me Up” earrings and this might seriously offend people of fashion {oh! how she is wasting these gorgeous earrings in a throw} but that’s okay. I love my throw more than my ears or look in general {picked it up from a Tibetan place in Gujarat for 200 bucks} and always thought it could do with a bit of pompom love on the rims- like the ones they have in Anthropologie. Sadly, I am rubbish at wool work and just couldn’t get around to make them and sew them on.

Now that I think of it, thank God I didn’t. I would have done a shoddy job and Parul & Anushri does it so much better.

These are hanging earrings and are sold in pairs at Krafted With Happiness and I used them to primp up a soft, furry throw. It’s really simple: just hang them at intervals- depending upon how many you want- and twist the end wire. Cut the extra wire and add a glue dot to the cut end so it doesn’t pull the fabric.

BTW, Tassels and pompoms on bedspreads and throws are huge this year

when it comes to homedecor, tassels and pompoms are making rounds in the internet {yes, do check out design sponge and Anthropologie for sure} and I am so glad I finally got around to make this. Quite happy with how it turned out and I think my home appreciates this little pop me up too! {Even though the woman is perpetually in rags}

Trumatter x Krafted With Happiness 3

Likey or no likey?

Such a happy DIY and so easy to do too: I am thinking of adding some to my white curtains as well. Thank you Krafted chicas to send these over: I am head over heels in love with your store.

Fashion/Accessories and homedecor people- do check them out. This is me signing off for the time being. If you liked this DIY do tell me in the comments section and do give these guys a visit- I am telling you, you won’t regret spending your bandwidth.

Off to tea! it’s 4:33. Holy cow of a speedy day this! XO

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