Monsoon Colour Palette, a little about what’s coming next and hello from a corner of my office! It’s 4:41 on an exceptionally cool, grey day here in Mumbai- which tells us that Monsoon is right round the corner- and I am sitting in our office cafeteria which overlooks a thick patch of greenery {probably responsible for the rains here in Mumbai} with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and writing to you! This right here is my kind of ideal 🙂

Monsoon Colour Palette 1


Monsoon! Now honestly, I’ve always seen people do brights on the rainy months and rightly so too, considering we battle the greys of the world along with the grimy greys that have covered our city souls for long. I get it, and I quite like a burst of orange or red too, once in a while. But what many shy of is playing with pastels during these grey months. {At this point some of you must be scorning thinking this girl’s gone absolutely loony} but trust me grey months are just about perfect to bring out some alternative colours which you would generally not think of.

Coral, pinks, peach, tangerine, teal, light olive green, putty and dark greys look amazing set against greys and what better way to make your monsoon home fabulous than to bring in some modern shades and playfulness. Stay tuned to my blog and I’ll show you how soon how to incorporate colours which you would otherwise associate with summer in your monsoon home.

Monday-Monsoon-MumbaiTook this photo of our little sitting/dining area in my Bombay apartment- and it’s a grey day alright- to show you a little snippet of how the worldly greys act as the perfect backdrop for these relaxed shades. There is one more thing that you’ll see me do this monsoon: incorporate contemporary Indian patterns in a beach themed home. yeah, yeah, I hear you and trust me you’ll stop thinking like the way you are thinking right now.

I think I have mentioned before that with the very mention of the word “Indian” we instinctively steer towards bright colours and elephant patterns. Yes, that is very very India and thinking such is absolutely legit. But tell you what? This country has moved on from being a land of snake charmers and banjaras. This is also an India of people who are global in their approach and modern in their views. We are rooted when it comes to tradition but we are not orthodox in our judgement. We live in metros, we eat sushi and we really don’t crave curry when we are travelling! Really, this modern traditional, contemporary India needs a shout out too in forms of design and decor, and that is what I’ll bring out this monsoon.

You’ll see!

Monsoon-EnamelwareIt’s 6 now. Time to close this PC and head home to the new episode of Game of Thrones. Stay tuned and if you disagree or agree; or if you have any suggestions that you might want to let me know- do write in the comments section. Together let’s decorate and have a beautiful home monsoon!


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