35mm lens is gracing my life at the moment and I couldn’t wait to show you all a few snippets of how our monsoon home is turning out with pale pastels. It’s 9 PM already on a weeknight and I am supposed to shut this PC down but what the heck. I finally got myself a 35mm 1.8 lens and you all deserve to know.

35mm 2

Since the time I bought the camera, I wanted a 35mm lens but then again it was a bit on the steeper side. Or maybe it wasn’t too steep but my mediocre mind always wanted to wait another month¬†before grabbing it. But yay! finally its home and I can instantly feel the difference. The clarity is superb, it’s a prime lens with focal ratio f/1.8 which means you get a whole lot of¬†depth of field and I got a hood free too! Hah, you can tell I am in love, can’t you?

35mm 3

By the way, remember my post from yesterday? Where I told you where I told you we will do matured and grown up pastels for monsoon? This mug is part 1. Grabbed them off amazon and what striked me is the vintage hobnail kinda exterior design and the beautiful retro pistachio colour. It’s not childish, icecream green but beautiful soothing matured green- which my bff the 35mm captured perfectly here. You will see a lot of them this monsoon as vases is all I can say right now. Also, should you want the link to buy a piece, hit the comments section and I’ll give you the link. Oh, and they are Sanjeev Kapoor line!

35mm 4So, yeah, what do you think? Gosh, these unfinished, random blogs will be the end of me but I can’t help sharing with you all.

Off I go, I must go or people in my home will sleep hungry.

Good night from me and the 35mm bff!

Off xo

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