High on Hygee, low on price, a top ranker in coziness. 
If there is one quilt set you have to buy, get it from IKEA. The quilt is called TILKORT and it's freakin nice. And it's not just the price that makes it so! I have also paired it with the BRUNKRISSLA duvet cover and pillow because there are solid reasons for that. Take a look. I will keep it short and informative. 

Yeah, new year blog res. Issa vibe and all that bull.

10 reasons why this quilt and the quilt cover from IKEA India is the best ever

The quilt Feels incredibly soft

A cool quilt made from a soft fabric of brushed microfibre filled with polyester hollow fibre makes it kinda soft.

It’s fluffy

The soft fibers maintain volume and insulation

It doesn’t make you sweat. At all

No matter where you are, the nights sometimes can get warm when you are under a blanket or quilt. I have been using this since December and it never makes me warm. I read it up later that it maintains an even temperature and allows your body to breathe.

It’s machine washable

Yeah, need I say more.

It costs 999

Yeah, need I say more x 2

The BRUNKRISSLA cover doesn’t slide

Haha, now this I figured out yesterday. When I was changing our holiday decor and adding this to the duvet, I was sort of enlightened to see that the quilt doesn’t move from it’s place. I was like HOW?

They say it’s concealed studds but its more

There are concealed press studs to keep the quilt in place but I also think there is something they aren’t telling us. How can the duvet stay in place day after day is mind boggling

100% cotton, super duper comfy

It just makes you snuggle in bed. All. The. Time. Hahaha, very detrimental for those who has to wake up early. It’s 100% cotton and they say it gets softer with wash. I’ll see with the first wash and update.

BRUNKRISSLA comes with matching pillow cases

If you are the “arrange thy bed” type, your decor ocd will be satisfied thanks to the matching pillow covers. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Work it with many possibilities for 1790/-

Big checkered patterns lets you play around with colour- For summer, add a bit of smokey blue or bright orange and swap them with reds for winter and this will still look quite nice

So in short, for 3k you have a winner

And it makes the perfect gift for that home lovin friend and family of yours. Cool stuff right? This IKEA is the best thing that has happened to us after bread I tell you.

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