Hello and welcome to a brand new decade, and I can’t be anymore excited about what’s in store for us. More than colour stories and sofa trends, I am excited to see what technology has in store for the home dwellers. What product designs are making it out there which is also helping in bringing about massive change in terms of consumption; sustainable ways to better living and gadgets that could perhaps help us mortals with some solid insight about wastage, germ meter, air quality or water quality. In 2020 I am excited about what these areas will bring to us and this blog here is the perfect fit for an early morning discussion.

I know the title of this blog post sounds almost philosophical & deeply rooted in an emotional bond that I have with my abode (not adobe…but okay, share a bond there too). But here’s the thing, this is also going to be me shedding light on some aspects that run undercurrent in the process of making one’s home their ‘safe’ haven & oasis, where life is lived & loved; not just a pretty place you see!

In fact, I think I should give in to my habitual digression and tell you this, with this platform, I strive to ensure that everything shared here is also a reminder of the fact that your home is more than just its aesthetic palette; its bric-a-brac & perfectly curated elements. Love, health & happiness make a home complete and unfortunately, we are at a time where a quick walk in the park is not enough to ensure good health. 

Gosh, a walk in the park in some cities is not an option at all given how much pollution the country battles as winter sets in. And imagine having to stay in a home that does nothing to protect your health either. 

Everything Counts

We oftentimes do not pay the closest attention to facets of design that can intrinsically make or break a space. I’m referring to the constitution of a room at its bare minimum. It’s as basic as the air we breathe, the colors that bathe the walls, the way the floor feels under our feet & the vibe it exudes. The impact on health that a space can have is certainly both physical & mental. Facets that you can’t compromise on or choose between. 

Talking of air, I can’t help but remember fellow citizens in the capital who are breathing in air quality which is witnessing an all-time high in the level of contamination. Sigh! Mumbai is not far behind, of that I am certain. I wake up every day to thick smog outside my home and almost shudder to step out. 

The air feels heavy.

But should I wallow or think – ‘What is within My Reach’?

In rental/owned homes, paint is often a choice you do have control over; from shade to finish, tone to texture. It’s a custom process tailored to your needs to the ‘T’ – needless mentioning it has a profound impact on one’s mood & the way it makes you feel when you are in a certain room. I always wanted a breezy, free, boho vibe so (very predictably) it’s all white. But, there has been a little glitch in this happy broadcast. 

The Scenario on My End

The past few months had us all taking turns falling sick, for a spectrum of reasons. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know! Good one day, sick the other. Runny nose, cough… literally a very bad phase.

The Bombay rains have my heart, but they are also the harbinger of the sniffle-season & we, as a family, hopped onto the carousel of wounded immunity. It was time for a change – a lasting one. 

Ayurveda, eucalyptus & Asian Paints Royale Health Shield

Haha, I know, it sounds like one of those link baits, ‘in shorts’, where they club all three things into one headline, right? Like hey, if you miss A you’ll read B for sure. But I assure you, this is not one of them. This is seriously what I did to get out of that circle of falling sick. 

I first finished my antibiotic course and tossed the rest of the medicines out. That’s it. I had enough. I called in a bottle of an Ayurvedic immunity tonic and honey. I am serious. 

Second, other than inhalers, I shifted to sniffing eucalyptus and keeping drops of it in a hanky. Other than feeling kinda nice, mosquitoes also left me alone. Life has slowly started to look up.

The third is the latest range of Asian Paints Royale Health Shield that has a fresh perspective on how the paint on your walls can help shield you from the trauma of not feeling your best in your own home. 

The walls? Really?

But then when I thought about it, we do clean everything in our home, every day… but the walls? Seriously… think about it! When was the last time you cleaned your walls? And it’s not a feasible option either! Other than an occasional coat of yearly paint, we don’t quite do much, given 80% of the time we are confined within our walls – either at work or home. So I dug a little deeper. I found out that the Asian Paints Royale Health Shield boasts of Silver Ion* technology that kills 99% bacteria on your walls: a technology that comes recommended by the IMA (Indian Medical Association). It also gets a stamp of approval from the Shanghai Institute of Air Quality for improving air. 

To add to the list, it’s got an extensive color range, a luxurious sheen & finish & is highly stain-resistant! Like a gadget buff, I am a paint buff, so I had to try it! 

It’s all about your body, mind, soul & happiness & although this wasn’t intended to be a sonnet on self-care at all levels, I guess it has morphed into one. But hey! We gotta do what we gotta do.

Colour, happiness & joy to y’all!


#Royale Health Shield with Silver Ion technology, within 2 hours of exposure kills 99% bacteria on walls

Refer to ‘Antibacterial Silver’, 1994, School of Chemistry & App Chemistry, the University of Wales by Julia Clement & Penelope Jarrett.

 *Fomite Infections (bacteria) can spread through infected walls among other indoor surfaces in homes and offices

5 thoughts on “Word for a new decade: The Beauty of a Home is also Skin Deep”

  1. I have used the Asian Paints Royale Health Shield across my entire house and it’s definitely been better for me health wise.

    Happy new year babe! ❤️


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