For years I have told you what to buy. What to add to your space, what you should be eyeing what are bang for your bucks and so on. But I think 2020 is a great time to think about the things we mostly don’t need. Why? Because

a- they can be very well substituted. In which case, it makes no sense to spend money on it

b- It won’t increase our footprint

c- We love products that multitask because smaller spaces means less things

d- A little creativity not only rank incredibly high with us but also makes your decor unique.

So why not!

Now honestly, before I begin this series, let me tell you- to each is own. What may be not very useful to me may be quite useful to you and by all means treat this as my account of what I think I’ll never buy again. If you are like me who lives in a small apartment and like cozy and not clutter and would want your bucks to buy products that are intended for more than one thing; this is for you

Here are a few things, specially with regards to Home decor, I think I will never buy again.

A wall calendar: I think phones have substituted wall calendars a long time now and I feel no need for one. Plus, they kind of look a bit off. No?

Brush holders: You know what? Buy tumblers instead. That way you can work one piece of utensil throughout the house. I never had a matching bath set save once and I use the tumbler everywhere.

Tissue box: A bunch of tissues in a simple square wooden or marble slab would be just about fine. Do we need tissue boxes anymore?

Wrapping paper: This year when I wrapped a few gifts for my husband (His office hosts secret santa and I wrap the gift every year) I wrapped it with a plain printed paper, twine and one of our handmade cat ornaments. Because I know that wrapping papers in most cases end up in the bin.

Flower Vase: I think there is absolutely no need for a flower vase at all. Use up empty soda or alcohol bottles, a big mug, tumblers or a pitcher. Flower vases are something I am never quite buying again. Not as long as I have cutting chai glass!

A big part of a cozy home is simplicity, organization and maintenance

Cozy is not just a throw pillow. It’s also decuttering and organizing things in a way that they look good in plain sight. It is very much maintaining the things in your home too. This is where a multitasker piece of furniture or utility piece comes into play. That is also why we think a set of tumbler can do a lot- from being a vase to holding your toiletries to serving a glass of water and more, and a tissue box is completely unnecessary.

Plus a few roses in a tumbler on top of a few books look cozier than those in a vase. Anyday.

Have you stopped buying certain things over the years? Tell me. I am all ears.

2 thoughts on “A Few Things I'll probably never buy again”

  1. I truly agree with your thoughts and appreciates you for using the stuffs for different and nice purpose. I also purchased lots of things unnecessarily and it will remain in home as it is.

  2. I also truly agree.i always believe decor and utility should go hand in hand.
    In my house, instead of flower vase,i have used chipped tea pot,old grandma pickle jar to name a few.

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