When I finished this Christmas tablescape, I asked myself if this is all too simple. In a world full of gorgeous, grand Christmas tablescapes what chance do a simple cozy tablescape have? But truth is, often, in the grand scheme of things we forget that this season is supposed to be enjoyable. The weather, the holidays, the vibe, the mood- we are supposed to relax and wind down and recharge before the offices open and we start a brand new year. If you have a long list of things to buy or put 2 days worth of time in a tablescape, it is cozy for everyone but you. And that’s not worth.

Our modus operandi is to find ideas that one can easily execute and yet it looks absolutely brilliant. And to our opinion, nothing does the trick as effectively as vintage fluted glass and a spot of evergreen with fairy lights strung in.

Oh, and some gingerbread decorations! Instantly fills this table with that giggly-joy factor!

Here’s what we did for a quick, easy & super cozy Christmas tablescape


First up, we ran a garland from the center of the table. This is a DIY garland that I made from one of our old Christmas tree. You can use any garland. But make sure you add volume to it or it’ll look sparse.

I added fern leaves that I got from IKEA to build volume. Then I ran a wooden bead garland to add some contrast.

One done, I added a string of battery operated lights, silver Christmas baubles in various sizes and fresh ginger bread men and trees. The cookies also add a fab scent to the table.

Placed a few candles on the side carefully. Please remember to place your candles carefully to avoid the leaves catching fire.

I used a combination of votives and plain candles in brass holders. The green glass votive candle is by Glass Forest too and it smells divine!


For tableware we chose a set that reflects light. Because, when it comes to a festive, Christmas tablescape nothing does it more than shiny, sparkly glass. Count fluted glass to do it for you! The firdaus collection from Glass Forest is inspired by the vintage fluted glass and it single handedly elevates a simple Christmas table. From the decanter to the dessert cups- every single thing is from GlassForest’s Firdaus collection.

Oh, and don’t forget to see the cute glass straws that make for the most adorable addition to any table. Also, a great, great gift to give. The straws come in set of two and comes with its own cleaning brush in the box. LOVE it!

For the plates, I used simple white plates with vintage quarter plates. Stuck rustic linen napkins below quarters.

Looks beautiful right? Simple. But beautiful! And very, very informal. Which brings us to the giggly gingerbread additions.

Gingerbread cookie decoration recipe- and yes it’s edible

But remember, if you are using it for decoration and leave it out for over 3 to 4 days, don’t eat. Ideally. If you are keeping a few in an airtight jar, they are good for upto 1 week! We live in a super dusty country and I wouldn’t eat them. Yes, there is some wastage but it’s all good and organic waste.

The Gingerbread decorations involve two parts-

A. Gingerbread cookies

B. Royal icing. Both of which are very easy to do.

How to make Gingerbread cookie decoration

What you’ll need: 1/2 cup cold salted butter, melted, 1 cup of jaggery, 1/2 cup packed brown sugar, 1 tsp ginger powder, 1 tsp cinnamon powder, 1/4th cup of water. Now I have used jaggery. You can use molasses or golden syrup. I honestly like jaggery and its vibrant caramel notes. You will also need 250 grams of plain maida or all purpose flour.

First, melt all ingredients except flour in a saucepan under low heat. At no point should it boil. Start with jaggery and water, follow up with butter, follow up with packed brown sugar and reduce the volume a little. Next add the dry powders. At this point your home will start to smell divine!

Turn off heat, cool a little before adding maida.

Chill for at least an hour before you start to cut out the cookies.

Once chilled, roll it to 1/4th of an inch thick and cut out cookies. Bake in a 175 oven (Preheat 220) for about 17 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

For the Royal Icing

2 egg whites and 500 gram powdered sugar.

Combine in a clean bowl and beat at high for about 5 to 7 minutes. Or until the icing is thick and glossy!

Fill in a piping bag and pipe on the cooled cookies.

Eat, decorate or hang them in the tree – if you want to hang in the tree take the sugar away and substitute it with salt. That will be inedible but will be a fab home scent!

Links for products used

Firdaus Collection by Glass Forest

Artificial Spray from IKEA

Battery Operated Lights

Glass vintage straws

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