Holiday plaid! 2 words of sheer comfort, joy and all things cozy and warm and beautiful! Seriously, if there was ever a word that encapsulated holiday feelings perfectly this would be it. There ain’t nothing better than Holiday plaid and I absolutely adore it.

Good news is, we have the entire gamut of plaid buy-ables in our blog today- from pajamas to ribbons, from scrunchies to throws, from cushions to earrings and stockings. It’s a big plaid fest!

I was supposed to upload this yesterday but it took me a while to gather the right things. But I can confidently say now that this list is what you want if you are looking to fill your life with plaid.

I have so much to tell you but I will stop right here (read: forcibly stop myself from telling a lot of useless things which will thereby contribute to a whole lot of nonsensical digression) and jump into the plaid train.

Say aye if you will make a cup of hot cocoa right after this! ‘Coz I will! After all its 28 sleeps to Christmas!

Well, a couple of things I can vouch for- Like the red plaid cushion from The Gruham, the red plaid pajama set by Koaala and the holiday plaid ribbons by Meraki. I have used them myself. I have also used the cream pj by Uniqlo and the earrings by YuribyKadambari. As for the pet bed, I read good reviews and the cream checkered cushion, I have ordered so we will know quickly if its any worth.

Oh and I have the indigo shawl and the scrunchies too. They’re awesome!

Here are the links. Knock yourself out


Plaid Red Throw

Plaid Pet Bed

Cream Flannel Pajama

Plaid Red Pajama

Plaid Scrunchy

Indigo and green Shawl


Cream Plaid Cushion Cover

Grey Plaid Cushion Cover

Plaid Stockings

Plaid earrings

Basic Plaid Cream Blanky

Here is a small gallery of photos as to how I use them in my home! I hope you will find them just as cheerful as I do.

Happy Weekend to you!!!! Go get plaid. haha, sorry. Had to!


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