Table top Christmas trees are to your holiday decor, what thyme is to your roast! You can add them in conjunction with your other decorations or on its own and either way they never fail to bring in a slice of holiday in your space. A great option for people who do not have enough space for a full scale Christmas tree or share an apartment, table top Christmas trees, my friend, is also the decorators dream thing while instilling holiday cheer in spaces. From center tables to end tables, from statement pieces to just a few stem- these guys are truly versatile & today, I have 5 cool ways to show you, as to how to display table top Christmas trees!

All aboard

Take inspiration from topiary

If you want to add a bit of table top drama with Christmas trees, an urn planter is your best bet. You could use a fuller or a thin tree on an urn planter and both will look beautiful. Tried and tested. Need a lot of drama? Go big on the scale. Need a tiny piece of drama? Switch it all down. Small urn planter + small tree!

French Country Eclectic

Swap the urn planter with a vintage zinc or aluminum pitcher. Add your heirloom ornaments and a handmade tassel for an instant shot of whimsy. Alternatively, take the tassel away and add more handcrafted, interesting ornaments! See below

Vignette victory

You don’t have to do it large to get those big holiday feels! Quaint, cozy corners with little trees and a cup of coffee is just as adorable as a store full of baubles. Fill a tray with Christmas classic, add a small tree in an enamelware planter. Keep a candle handy!

Color coded

Create simple and yet graceful arrangement that could just about work anywhere and you don’t even have to have a Christmas tree for that. A few branches of evergreen or fern in a red and white pitcher mimics all the coziness of a table top Christmas tree: the trick is to think what colors signify Christmas and then use them right.

Go big with baskets

Table top Christmas trees? More like table top holiday statement! Fill a basket with evergreen and simply add it to your table top. You can also add battery operated twinkly lights in warm tone. Voila! Done. The only things to make sure here are- A. Get a good basket. Ours is handmade in Helsinki by African women, though you can very well find one here in India. B. Make sure your greens are good! A cheap tree might not cut it here.

TIP: Dismantle a large Christmas tree and add all parts in the basket to create a bushy green table top addition. Ours is from IKEA.

And there you have it! Easy peasy ways to do table top Christmas trees minus any hassle whatsoever!


All our trees are from IKEA, the Red and white pitcher is from our own shop and is available on preorder.

The red and white throw is from amazon, so is the pedestal stand. You can find both here in our amazon shop

Goodnight and a beautiful weekend to you!


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