3 cozy Christmas tree looks that you will love doing at home.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is our topic of discussion today and I wanted to make it very clear. We won’t discuss Hailey’s comet, Hailey Bieber, Hillbilly elegy- nothing. Just holidays and 3 cozy Christmas tree looks and finish it ever so quickly before I head out to IKEA. Oh yeah, a hundred years to staying right behind IKEA and I have never stepped in once. I have also heard that they are putting the Christmas decorations today so I am specially interested. I don’t have a buying list though I am 100% confident, I will come home with something! You know me!

Oh, did I tell you, also, that I am loving the fact that so many more people joined the Christmas train this year? I see so many of you celebrating irrespective of your faith- it concretes my faith in the power of Fir. Christmas is a feeling. Like Diwali is a feeling. And we SHALL get the best of that feeling in the air. Well done all of us.

And now, as promised, here are the 3 cozy Christmas looks that you can try at home- each with little differences and change in color scheme that brings about a major change in the over all look of the space. You ready? Hot chocolate ready? Goood!

Green Plaid & gold look

Elegant, homey, beautiful.

I have always loved emerald as a holiday color and I am so glad I got to do a look this year, thanks to The Gruham. There is something fabulous about emerald plaid. It brings with it the cheer of green and yet its not the giggly cheer of a new leaf. It’s a deep, deep joy that perhaps one feels when one is sitting by the fire on a cold, cold day with a warm cat on her feet. Or the joy one feels when one looks at a splendid Christmas tree twinkling away. It’s a very joyful, moody color and add plaid to it and you are winning the holiday decor already.

Btw, you can go two ways if you are doing green plaid. You can either do navy, maroon and green plaid with gold for that super plush and rich look. Or you can use bits of silver, grey and lots of white for a rustic, cabin-ey look. Mine is the latter.

I added lots of gold embroidered ornaments, vintage silver glass to our tree. Because the color is very vintage-y I used only antique gold chain on the tree in a scalloped fashion. No ribbons!

The traditional red & green look

And the star here is these cute little cowbells from ABeeInTheGarden! The tine checkered red ribbon adds to the red theme and the cowbells sound ever so serene! I have added some silver to the tree as well as plaid ribbons with gold too. Simple swaps and yet the whole look changes considerably!

Looks warm and toasty right? You can add red plaid and lots of cream to accentuate the look

A Snowy, white and silver farmhouse look

Silver vintage baubles, burlap ribbons, antique golden chain and nothing else. To weave the look in, I used a red and white plaid throw on our chair- the link is on our amazon shop!

Take a look at how beautiful it looks lit

To make matters a easy, here are all the 3 cozy Christmas tree looks for you to see side by side.

As for me, my cozy is the first one! I love the gold and silver and vintagey look of it all so that’s staying with me! What I want to know is, what’s your cozy? Which one do you feel drawn to the most? Tell me in the comments section!

And now, as promised, Im off to Ikea. But before that, a cuppa strong coffee.

I hope you all are having a fantastic day!


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