Valentine’s Day is right round the corner and I’ll have to be a dampener and tell you that red hearts remind me of the 90’s- specifically a screen with a young Karishma Kapoor’s face pasted as a watermark on the memory with an opacity of 60%. No, can do love. Not can do red hearts. But what I can {like totally can} do are a parade of vintage paper origami hearts that you can keep in a bowl, string up with jute twine and hang from a corner, or add to your gifts this Valentine’s day.

Slathered with scandi love, so simple and so graceful- these also make great air freshener- Just bob a few drops of essential oil in them and you’re done! And of course, they go beyond Valentine’s Day!

I am all for love and love for all too but I don’t know if I can ever do red hearts to show my love for anyone, so it’s a bowlful of scandi heart made with vintage papers for me. Unless they are gingham. In which case I mostly can! But for now, here’s how you make them!

By the way, you can very well use up old magazine pages if you want to make these and they look gorgeous too! Or newspaper for that matter. I used a set of origami paper that I bought from a craft store.

If you do end up making these, give me a shout out on instagram or tag #trumatterstyle so we can find your lovely work! Off for a coffee and a new book that I am dying to devour. Yes, another cat novel. How predictable.


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